Monday, July 27, 2009

Trash into Treasure

So my first real post I'm going to share Cory & my latest project. This past Saturday I enticed Cory (with a Burger King breakfast) to wake up early and go to some yard/estate sales with me to find a project to do. We drove around to a few places and scoped it out from the car. We were looking for furniture and most yard sales were capitalizing on old clothes and nick knacks. We also noticed that some of the estate sales were in houses that looked pretty rough on the outside so we definitely judged the book by the cover and figured if the outside looked that shabby, the stuff inside probably wasn't much better. We finally found an estate sale that had a pretty well kept house. We decided to go inside to look around. As we walked up the pathway there were some decent pieces of furniture so I was even more hopeful that we would find something. Well, the "don't judge a book by the cover"thing is right. As soon as we walked in the house reeked of moth balls and smoke. The house wasn't totally disgusting but it was definitely lived in. We walked around and noticed a little side table that had some books piled on top of it as we were going into the bedroom. The price tag said it was $5 so I kept it in the back of my mind. As we were wondering around the smelly bedroom Cory said, "Maybe we could get if for $4". I was excited to see that he was thinking about the table too. We walked back to the table's location and one of the people running the sale came over to us and started getting the books off the top of the table so we could get a good look. That's when we discovered an awful water spot on the top of the table. She said she would take $2 for it so Cory & I shrugged our shoulders and said, "Sure, we'll take it". She probably would've just given it to us for 50 cents but we're not good at bargaining. As we took our new table to the car we brainstormed on how we could "pretty it up". We also noticed that the horrible smell of the house was buried in our project.

Here's a few pictures of the table when we got home:

The top looked pretty rough.

Here's the top after some sanding. We had to fill the cracks with wood filler.

Luckily the front panel of the drawer was only held on to the rest of the drawer with a few staples, so we just popped it off.



After some sanding, cleaning and painting many coats of primer/paint (to cover up the rather nasty smell) we were done.

Here's the finished product! We added some "feet" to it as well.

Here's a close-up of the super classy new pull we put on the drawer.

Project expenses
Table: $2
Paint: $4.47
Wooden feet & hardware for it: aprox $12
Pull: $3.97
Sandpaper: $4.47
Wood filler:$2.97 (which we realized we already had at home)

We had wood glue (to fix part of the drawer), paint brushes, and the tools on hand already, so the total cost of our table was about $33.85. Not too bad. :)

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