Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ha ha

Ok, so apparently I'm addicted to looking up old television shows today. I have discovered that a lot of old Nick Jr. shows were originally in Japanese and just dubbed over. I vaguely remember the show "Rupert". Maybe it came on when I was too old to really appreciate it at the time or it just didn't interest me, but now it kind of cracks me up. What a "fancy" bear! Check out his clothing and his friends. Why does this make me laugh?

I used to watch this?

You all know that I can easily get creeped out. I have always been this way... which makes me wonder how I ever watched David the Gnome. Check out the intro to the show. Those trolls and wizards are freaky. I got a little spooked seeing them today. I had forgotten all about this show until I saw it on the side bar of YouTube. I was searching for an old show I used to watch called "Maple Town". Does anyone else remember it? It was a cartoon about little animal families and I loved it. I just found out it was early Japanese anime so now I feel like I was a little weirdo for loving it.jk Anyway, just wanted to share this video.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Where have the graham cracker sticks gone?

This is something that has been bothering me. Did you know that there are no longer graham cracker sticks available in the two places I call home (Muscle Shoals & Tuscaloosa). You know the ones that look like this?
I don't regularly eat graham crackers but I do like to serve them with a yummy chocolate chip cheese ball (I'll post a recipe sometime) or a peanut butter ball. They make the food presentation so nice. If you think you can just buy large graham crackers and cut them nicely, then you're wrong. I bought a box and half of the crackers were already broken when I opened the package and they weren't broken in a nice and neat manner. I'm not usually a stifler for neat lines when it comes to food but when I'm serving guests I like things to look very structured. This past weekend my friends & I threw a lingerie party for our good friends. I served a chocolate chip cheese ball and was disappointed when I couldn't find those sticks. I had remembered earlier this spring it was a problem but I eventually found a box. Apparently I should have stocked up that day because they are nowhere to be found now. All you can get that is close to them are Scooby Sticks.
Yes, they are for people but doesn't it look like dog food?! How could I possibly serve bone shaped food to people? And why is Scooby winking? He knows it's ridiculous to have bone shaped food for humans....
Anyway, if any of you lovely readers find any graham cracker sticks around, please let me know where to get them.

OH, and here's a semi-funny story for the day.

As I was on my quest for graham sticks last week I went to Walmart and overheard an awkward conversation. I must warn you: 1. I think it's funnier than the people I've told (so you may not think it's funny and that's ok) 2. there's cussing...or at least insinuated cussing.

Ok, so there I was looking up and down the cookie/cracker aisle when a early 20-ish couple comes sliding down towards the cookies. I say "sliding" because the guy was pushing the cart while the girl had her arms wrapped around the dude's waist and it was taking them a while to reach their destination. They finally stopped right beside me to get some cookies. I was still searching for something to serve with the choc-chip cheese ball. As they were trying to pick out some treats the guy said a phrase with some choice words (I really wasn't paying attention to what he said but I did notice the ugly words). The girl seemed embarrassed because she figured I heard him and kind of looked up at me and then said to him, "Why do you always gotta cuss?" To which the guy said, " I can say whatever the h*** I want. I live in a free country. I don't live over in Alpaca." Now, I'm no geography buff by any means. I still get slightly confused on where Alaska is (it's always beside Hawaii on the map tests at school) but I know that "alpaca" is not a place. Fortunately, after what seemed to be a little longer than it should have taken, the girl says, "Wait! Alpaca ain't a f*&*(*_+ place!" To which the guys says, "I don't care...Whatever. Iraina then" Yes, that's right, Iraina.
The thing that got me tickled the most was not the lack of knowledge from the poor boy but that the girl got on to him for cussing and then she drops the f bomb. I just kind of shook my head and walked down the aisle where Cory was standing and had no clue what I had witnessed. He said the look of concern on my face was priceless. In all honesty, I felt I had been filmed as a bystander on "16 & Pregnant". By the way, if you haven't seen that show you should check it out.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Neat site

Hello all,
Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I thought that I would be posting like crazy this summer but I've been keeping pretty busy (with fun things, though.) I am still working on my quilt and a few other projects right now that I'll share soon. The quilting part of the quilt is taking a little longer than intended. I have already ordered some more fabric for another one. I ordered an Amy Butler "scrap bag" on the cheap and I'm super excited to get it in. I don't know what the fabric looks like so it will be a fun surprise when it gets here. Since it's Amy Bulter, I'm sure I'll love it because I love all of her prints and colors. You should check her out here. You can find some of her towels at Bed, Bath & Beyond right now and occasionally can find her gift wrap at T. J. Maxx if you're lucky.
Today I am going to share a fun website/business that's pretty cool if you like to sew. I found out about it a few weeks ago and think it's such a clever idea. It's a company that will allow you to design your own fabric and print it for you. It's called Spoonflower. You definitely need to check it out. Once you design your fabric you can give the company permission to sell your print to other folks too. I love looking through people's designs. Here are some of my favorites.
fruit and veggie madness
mustache galleryblue_pear_final
Shabby Rose © Kristopher K  2010icing_on_the_cake_4_square

Friday, July 9, 2010

Simple Pillow

Yesterday I decided to make a quilt because I found a cute pattern online and wanted to try it out. Cory was sweet and took me to Hancock Fabrics to look around for some fabric. As we were walking I found such a wonderful print. I've seen it around on different design websites as fabric and also wall paper in different colors. I had to get it. I purchased half a yard and then took a trip over to Hobby Lobby. I started looking for other fabrics to compliment the one I had bought but couldn't find anything that I really liked. I decided to just order some Amy Butler & Heather Bailey fabrics (because I love them) online. A problem arose after I submitted my order though. My Hancock's fabric didn't go with the color scheme of the fabric that I ordered. I still really wanted to use it though so I decided to make a pillow.
I'm posting the instructions for this pillow. It's just a simple pillow without pipping.
You will need:
1/2 yard of fabric
sewing machine
fiberfill (pillow stuffing)
button kit
Large upholstery or doll maker's needle

First get your fabric and cut two squares that are equal in size for your pillow. I chose to do a 16 x 16 inch pillow. Lay the pieces aside and make two fabric buttons.

To make the buttons you will need to purchase a button kit from a craft store. They're only a few dollars. This package is left over from when we recovered this chair so I don't remember the exact cost.
The instructions are on the back of the box and are quite simple. First you cut out a small circle from some scrap fabric.
Then you place the fabric right side down in a little cap.
Then you place a button shell on top on the fabric.
Next you tuck the fabric in the button shell and then place the button back on top of that.
Next you press a "pusher" down until the button snaps into place.
Wah-la! It's so simple and you feel really cool after you make a button.
Ok, now put the buttons aside and get your fabric squares. Lay the two pieces of fabric right sides together.
You may want to pin around the edges of the fabric to keep everything lined up.
Now stitch around each edge of the pillow using 1/2 inch seam allowance. Leave an opening big enough for your hand to insert the stuffing. Clip the corners of the pillow. Now using the opening turn the sewn fabric inside out.
And stuff away! Make sure to fill the corners in well.
Once it's stuffed to your liking then pin the opening together. You will need to hand stitch it closed.
Now for the buttons. Before you sew on the buttons you will need to get the upholstery needle and sew through the center of the pillow a few times (tightly) to help allow the button to sink into the pillow.
It kind of looks like a belly button. :)
Next you will hand sew with a regular needle the buttons on either side of the pillow. Make sure you do one button at a time.
And there you have it.
I'm really happy with my new little pillow. Maybe it will hold me over until I get my fabric that I ordered for my quilt. I hope you have a great weekend. July is going by too quickly, isn't it?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Spin Pins

Sorry it has been a while. *Things have been a little busy/different around here lately*. I want to share a product that has become my new friend(s). Spin Pins! If you have no idea what that is, then you can check them out right here.
I actually bought these a few weeks ago after at least 4 people recommended them via their facebook status. I had my doubts but they actually work. I love pulling my hair back because I can't stand it when hair gets in my face and also my hair is frizzy and looks bad down. I used to put my hair in a bun when it was longer because it was such an easy fix to a bad hair day. I stopped eventually because I felt like an old lady and it took quite a few bobby pins to hold it. The Spin Pins fix both of those problems. The bun it creates is nice and soft (not too tight--does that make sense?) and it takes the place of 20 bobby pins. I've really enjoyed them this summer with it being so hot and humid. It helps keep hair from sticking to the back of my neck. You should try them. You can get them at Walmart or Target.
Simple Styles Brunette Spin Hair Pin
* Ok, now for the reason things have been busy and the reasons I have been stressing is job related. If you have talked with me in the last month you know this and all the wonderful (sarcastic font) events that have taken place for me. If you haven't spoken with me then basically I've been a mess trying to figure out what to do next year. I'll try to keep this short (if you want a longer version then I will share with you) Cory will be working in Florence starting August-ish and technically in October. He won't get his Bar results back till the end of September so he won't be doing legal work until Oct, but he'll be working come August. Since he will be moving naturally I tried to find a job in the Shoals. It is rare for there to be a job opening for my field and there was actually two around home. Well, I didn't get either one. I'm trying not to let it get me down because in both circumstances it wasn't because the principal didn't think I would do a good job. I apparently didn't go to the right high school and didn't make it to one place in time. God opens and closes doors for reasons and even though I'm still trying to figure this one out, I know that one day I'll look back at this and hopefully realize why it happened this way. After MUCH prayer, planning, and stressing Cory & I feel that it would be best for me to stay in Tuscaloosa a little longer. I'll be staying here until December. My principal has been so kind and accommodating through all of this (which makes it easier to stay) and our landlord is graciously allowing us to extend our rent until December (it ends in August). Even though it will be hard to be apart from Cory during the week I know it will be ok. The whole time we dated we lived in different cities so we know how to make it work. :)
Sorry that may not have seemed like a short version but believe me it is.

I hope you have a great day. If you'll be in Tuscaloosa anytime in the next few months, holla. ;)

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