Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thank You

Thank you to those of you who prayed for me a week ago for my prom stress.  Things went great and my anxiety really did go away.  And to the people I came in contact with that week, thank you for your encouraging words.  :)
Last weekend we celebrated our 1 year house anniversary.  I can't believe we have been here a year already!
That's it. I still have house posts to do, but this is all I have tonight. :)
Have a happy week!

Side note: Cory & I are watching American Funniest Videos and it's making me mad.  Babies(or anyone for that matter) puking/spitting up is not funny on any level.  Why do they show that and, more importantly, why do people send that in?  I wish they would put a warning before they showed those videos...sorry for the rant.

ANOTHER side note that I just saw: Florence, AL made the The Huffington Post "Top 11 American Small Towns".  Check it out here

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Night

Warning: this is not a great post.  I'm just trying to stay current and post something at least once a week.
Tonight while I was shopping for groceries I discovered these gems:

Yes, it is Triple Double Oreos.  They probably have been around for a while but I just now found them.  Of course I had to purchase them to try them out.  I'm apparently a glutton and have no self-control because moments after I put the cookies in my cart I found the Easter candy aisle and saw my beloved Cadburry Eggs and Reese eggs and had to grab some of those too (they won't be back for a year!)...and I wonder why I can't lose weight.  Don't worry, I bought real & healthy food tonight as well. :)
I was so happy about my find and couldn't wait to tell Cory about my trip to the store but when I pulled into my driveway my mood totally changed. I saw the animal that I loathe the most: an *armadillo! I have never seen a live one and I must say it did NOT change my opinion of them.  If any thing, I dislike them more because it didn't even care to run away when I pulled up.  Like it felt like it had the right to hang out in my yard.  Of course, I called Cory to come and rescue me, hoping that when he came out it would run away.  Wrong!  It just waddled around like it owned the place.  Not until Cory shone the flashlight on it did it go off into the woods.  I really don't like that it's hanging out in my bushes...grr.
* I also really dislike opossums too, but in a list of awful animals, armadillos top the list.
See? This is a pretty lame post.  If you have read to this point then you rock!  Also, would you please do me a favor and pray that I make it through this week?  I'm in charge of prom this Saturday and I'm nervous/stressed about things.  I know that people have much bigger problems than this and this isn't a huge deal but since this is my first year at the high school I really want this to be great.  I would really appreciate it. :)  Thanks!

Also, Happy Birthday to my sweet 4 year old niece, Kate!  I can't believe she'll be four tomorrow.  It seems like only yesterday we were waiting for her to arrive.

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