Monday, September 27, 2010

Buzzing Like A Bee

Today was the first day of my sewing unit with my classes. To introduce the first lesson I always have various sewing tools/equipment numbered around the room and have the students try to figure out the names of each item (of course they have a word bank). After a few minutes I will go over each item and explain its use. One item on display is a pincushion. I know that this seems very elementary, but believe me, some middle schoolers have never seen one. Now, the pincushion did not have any pins or needles in it. I try to keep those sharp objects out of reach when kids will be moving around because for some reason it is very tempting for 12-14 year olds to take a needle and poke someone or to stick it in their finger (like they're the first one to think that up.) Anyway, I had an empty pincushion for the students to see and I had another one in my hand that had a few pins, needles, and safety pins in it so I could show the differences between pins and needles when I was explaining what each item was. Well, the kids were working hard at trying to name the items while I was sitting on my seat in the front of the room monitoring them with my "loaded" pincushion in hand. During this time one student came to me needing a pass to the counselor. Since everyone was doing their work I laid the pincushion in the chair that I was sitting in and went over to my desk (on the other side of the room) to get a pass. I went back to the chair at the front of the room and sat on the edge of the seat to sign the pass. I knew the pincushion was still in the chair, but I just sat in front of it. It soon became time for me to explain all the sewing items. I grabbed my pincushion and started explaining everything. Afterwards, as I was passing out worksheets, two boys started giggling when I walked by. Now, I really don't care what middle school kids think of me but it does start to kind of freak you out when there is laughing going on. I just kept walking when one of the boys said, "Mrs. King, you have a needle on your pants." I thought they had seen a large,blue plastic needle that was in my front pocket that I had used with my 6th graders earlier and pulled it out and said, "Yeah, it looks like a clown needle". The plastic needle is rather large and goofy looking. Then the boy said, "No, for real you have a needle sticking out of your pants." I started walking away because these two boys are notorious for trying to pull things over on teachers. At least once a week they'll make up some crazy story or say "Look at (insert name). Why are they (insert action)?" only to see that person just sitting their doing what they're supposed to be doing. They're tricksters, they are. As I walked away I thought that I should nonchalantly check my pants out. That's when I discovered a rather large needle sticking out from the center of my butt. It couldn't have been placed more perfectly if I had tried. I turned around and laughed and said thanks. Although I was kind of bothered by the fact that they were looking at my rear end. I'm glad they told me before I sat down because it would have hurt and been more embarrassing. The other students swore they didn't see it, but I wouldn't put it past them for letting it slide so I would sit on it. I probably looked like a bee walking around with a little stinger. It was pretty funny and it made it even funnier that the two "tricksters" were the ones who clued me in.
Sorry that was rather long. I'm trying to cheer myself up from watching Hoarders. Did you see it tonight? All I'll say about it is, "poor kittens". :(
I hope you have a great week. Cory & I are working on two crafty projects now so I'll post them soon. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray!

Today we found out that Cory, my brother-in-law, Benjamin, and our law school friends passed the Bar exam. I'm beyond thrilled for all of them. It is such a nice feeling to know that all their hard work paid off and that they are now officially lawyers.
Fortunately Cory got to come to Tuscaloosa last night so we got to celebrate the good news together tonight. We went out for a celebratory steak and some Yogurt Mountain goodness. We got to eat yogurt with Rachelle, who was the sweet friend who let us know the results were posted this morning. She's awesome. :)

I hope everyone has a happy weekend. :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cute Video

Have you seen the new OK Go video? I can't stop watching it.
OK Go is the band that made a music video with treadmill choreography a few years ago. I posted it below as well. Check both videos out & be impressed.

By the way, can you tell I'm living alone now? haha. I've been posting more the past few weeks than I had in the last two months combined!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mississippi Mud

Tomorrow is Birthday Celebration Lunch for my coworkers. Each month the faculty brings something to eat and we say it’s for that month’s birthdays. Even if there is not a birthday that month we still celebrate and I love it. Everyone always brings such yummy things and sometimes I gain a new recipe. Tomorrow I’m bringing Mississippi Mud Cake. I decided to make this cake because it calls for buttermilk and I just so happen to have some that I used for Banana Nut Bread earlier this week. I also had a lot of the other ingredients on hand so I guess it was a lazy decision. Even though the name of this cake sounds unappetizing it really is delicious. This is one of my dad’s favorite cakes that I make. The first time that I made it for him I was afraid I had messed it up. He reassured me that if you have chocolate, marshmallows, and pecans you can't really go wrong. He was right.

Here’s what you need for the cake

· 1 box Devil’s Food Cake

1 stick of butter, melted

2 eggs

1 ½ cup buttermilk

1 tsp. vanilla

(7 oz) Marshmallow cream OR mini marshmallows (I use both because it makes it extra yummy)

Mix the cake mix, melted butter, eggs, vanilla, and buttermilk together until well combined. I also add a few chocolate chips because that’s how I roll (I always add choc chips to chocolate cakes & brownies) Pour batter into greased 9x13 cake pan and bake at 350 for 42-ish minutes.

Let cake cool slightly. Next either spread the marshmallow cream on top of the cake OR pour on marshmallows. I will spread the cream and then sprinkle some marshmallows on top of that.

Now for the icing…

1 stick of butter

1/3 c. milk

4 TBS cocoa

4 c. confectioner sugar, sifted

In a saucepan heat the butter, milk, and cocoa until just boiling. Remove from the heat and stir in sugar. While the icing is still warm, pour on top of the marshmallows and spread. If it hardens then put back on the stove for a bit. I sometime will make an extra half batch of icing to cover the cake completely. I find when I do this the cake stays more moist.

Then sprinkle the top of the cake with some pecans. You could mix the pecans with the icing but I like to put them on top so people can pick them off, if needed.

Here it is. And it’s ok that it doesn't look too good because it’s named after mud. It’s not supposed to be pretty.

Hopefully everyone will enjoy it at the birthday lunch. Speaking of birthdays tomorrow is my sweet mother-in-law’s bday. Happy Birthday, Jeanne! I can’t wait to see her and my bros & sisters-in-laws, and little Kate this weekend. I hope you have a happy weekend.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Why does that asthma attack commercial (the one with the gold fish flopping around) come on so much? It makes me sad to see it....just saying.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Candy Corn makes me happy :)

Labor Day weekend had a hint of fall in the air. The temperature was cooler and there was that autumn smell going on. It got me really excited. My excitement quickly faded as the temperature went back up and I had to wear my "Summer/Spring teacher clothes" still. Well, just moments ago I got that exciting fall feeling again. As I was walking down the aisles of Target I smelled such a wonderful aroma that made me think of fall. I searched for the sweet smell and turned down the next aisle and there it was: bags and bags of beautiful candy corn! I'm telling you the whole side of one aisle was basically candy corn (the reason the scent was so strong). There were lots of varieties and shapes (you know the pumpkins, brown ones, bats, caramel flavored, etc.) I'm a fan of the original, Brach's brand. I know that stores sell candy corn year round but I don't feel it appropriate to eat it off season. I have different go-to candies for the seasons. This is something I'm just coming to the realization of. So during the fall I enjoy candy corn and Hershey kisses. During winter cinnamon candy is a fave like cinnamon discs, Hot Tamales (I'll eat these year round though), and red hots. I also enjoy candy canes & peppermints in the winter. During the spring I love to stock up on Cadbury Eggs and Peeps. Oh yeah, and Reese Cup Eggs. During the summer I like to eat sour watermelon candy. You know, the ones that are pink and green with little sour sugar on it?
Ok, enough with the candy. The point of me blogging tonight was because I'm excited fall approaching. I can't wait to see the leaves change colors, wear sweaters and jackets, watch new episodes of television shows, celebrate many family members' birthdays (including mine ;) and see fall decorations. Sadly, I won't be decorating for fall at my crib this year. All of my decorations are at my parents' house. Hmmm, maybe mom will let me decorate for her??
Oh well, I hope you're excited about fall too. If not, maybe something will trigger your "fall mode". May I suggest you walk down the Halloween candy aisle? :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010


This past week was my first week without Cory here and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. It was even a short week, since I was with him on Labor Day and he surprised me and came to Tuscaloosa on Thursday. The whole time we dated we only saw each other on the weekends and we survived, but it's hard to be away from him now that I'm used to him being with me all the time. It was ultimately my decision to stay here until December so I can't sulk about it too much. I just can't wait till then so I can be with him and my family & friends back home.
Sorry this is kind of a lame post.

Here's a picture of a chair I recovered this weekend. Cory used to sit in the chair at the computer and as you can see the fabric started wearing away. ( you can also see Cory in the background, hehe. We were watching a movie)
And here's a picture of the new oval tray that I got from Target tonight after Cory left. It's from the new John Derian collection at Target. I was fortunate to get the last one there. I love the vintage look of it and the message is pretty sweet. I can't wait to be "home sweet home" with my bud again. :)

I hope you have a great week.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quick Post about a Monkey

First of all, I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.
I had a great one. The weather was beautiful, I got to spend time with my family, meet my cousin's sweet little baby, spend time with some old pals, went to the movies, and saw a monkey at the grocery store...yes, that's right a monkey at the grocery store.
I went to the store with mom to pick up a few things and saw a lady with this little cutie on her back. I knew Cory wouldn't believe me unless I had proof so I asked the owner if I could take a picture. Apparently it is a service monkey (which is why it was allowed in the store). The owners said it helps with depression and gives head massages. The owner also has made a facebook page for the monkey. I think the name is Caralana Kinsey. Seeing this monkey really made my day. I told my kids about it today and mentioned that the monkey had a facebook page and one student honestly thought that the monkey typed it's profile page...oh dear.


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