Monday, September 13, 2010

Candy Corn makes me happy :)

Labor Day weekend had a hint of fall in the air. The temperature was cooler and there was that autumn smell going on. It got me really excited. My excitement quickly faded as the temperature went back up and I had to wear my "Summer/Spring teacher clothes" still. Well, just moments ago I got that exciting fall feeling again. As I was walking down the aisles of Target I smelled such a wonderful aroma that made me think of fall. I searched for the sweet smell and turned down the next aisle and there it was: bags and bags of beautiful candy corn! I'm telling you the whole side of one aisle was basically candy corn (the reason the scent was so strong). There were lots of varieties and shapes (you know the pumpkins, brown ones, bats, caramel flavored, etc.) I'm a fan of the original, Brach's brand. I know that stores sell candy corn year round but I don't feel it appropriate to eat it off season. I have different go-to candies for the seasons. This is something I'm just coming to the realization of. So during the fall I enjoy candy corn and Hershey kisses. During winter cinnamon candy is a fave like cinnamon discs, Hot Tamales (I'll eat these year round though), and red hots. I also enjoy candy canes & peppermints in the winter. During the spring I love to stock up on Cadbury Eggs and Peeps. Oh yeah, and Reese Cup Eggs. During the summer I like to eat sour watermelon candy. You know, the ones that are pink and green with little sour sugar on it?
Ok, enough with the candy. The point of me blogging tonight was because I'm excited fall approaching. I can't wait to see the leaves change colors, wear sweaters and jackets, watch new episodes of television shows, celebrate many family members' birthdays (including mine ;) and see fall decorations. Sadly, I won't be decorating for fall at my crib this year. All of my decorations are at my parents' house. Hmmm, maybe mom will let me decorate for her??
Oh well, I hope you're excited about fall too. If not, maybe something will trigger your "fall mode". May I suggest you walk down the Halloween candy aisle? :)

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