Thursday, July 1, 2010

Spin Pins

Sorry it has been a while. *Things have been a little busy/different around here lately*. I want to share a product that has become my new friend(s). Spin Pins! If you have no idea what that is, then you can check them out right here.
I actually bought these a few weeks ago after at least 4 people recommended them via their facebook status. I had my doubts but they actually work. I love pulling my hair back because I can't stand it when hair gets in my face and also my hair is frizzy and looks bad down. I used to put my hair in a bun when it was longer because it was such an easy fix to a bad hair day. I stopped eventually because I felt like an old lady and it took quite a few bobby pins to hold it. The Spin Pins fix both of those problems. The bun it creates is nice and soft (not too tight--does that make sense?) and it takes the place of 20 bobby pins. I've really enjoyed them this summer with it being so hot and humid. It helps keep hair from sticking to the back of my neck. You should try them. You can get them at Walmart or Target.
Simple Styles Brunette Spin Hair Pin
* Ok, now for the reason things have been busy and the reasons I have been stressing is job related. If you have talked with me in the last month you know this and all the wonderful (sarcastic font) events that have taken place for me. If you haven't spoken with me then basically I've been a mess trying to figure out what to do next year. I'll try to keep this short (if you want a longer version then I will share with you) Cory will be working in Florence starting August-ish and technically in October. He won't get his Bar results back till the end of September so he won't be doing legal work until Oct, but he'll be working come August. Since he will be moving naturally I tried to find a job in the Shoals. It is rare for there to be a job opening for my field and there was actually two around home. Well, I didn't get either one. I'm trying not to let it get me down because in both circumstances it wasn't because the principal didn't think I would do a good job. I apparently didn't go to the right high school and didn't make it to one place in time. God opens and closes doors for reasons and even though I'm still trying to figure this one out, I know that one day I'll look back at this and hopefully realize why it happened this way. After MUCH prayer, planning, and stressing Cory & I feel that it would be best for me to stay in Tuscaloosa a little longer. I'll be staying here until December. My principal has been so kind and accommodating through all of this (which makes it easier to stay) and our landlord is graciously allowing us to extend our rent until December (it ends in August). Even though it will be hard to be apart from Cory during the week I know it will be ok. The whole time we dated we lived in different cities so we know how to make it work. :)
Sorry that may not have seemed like a short version but believe me it is.

I hope you have a great day. If you'll be in Tuscaloosa anytime in the next few months, holla. ;)

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  1. I have been meaning to check out the Spin Pins after bunches of recommendations, too! I'll put that on the long weekend to-do list.
    Good luck with all the job issues! Those can be incredibly frustrating.



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