Friday, April 15, 2011

Exciting News!!

Cory and I are now homeowners! We've been going through buying this house process for a while now and it's been hard not to talk about it with folks. That's one reason I've been missing from the blog world lately. I didn't want to mention the house we were making offers on until we actually had the keys in our hands.
We are so super pumped about owning a house of our own. It's a cute little gray house and it has it's faults and warts, but we love it. It's a great starter home for us and it has some work to be done, which is one of the reasons we love know how I (we) love a project ;)
The house was built in 1941 and had the same owners until last June when the 99 year old lady that lived there past away. The couple that built and owned the house was a lawyer and a homemaker who hosted fun gatherings. I think it is so neat that Cory & I are a modern day version of them. Instead of me being a homemaker (which would be cool) I teach kids basically the skills of one...maybe it's a stretch? Anyway, I've enjoyed learning about the past owners and the history of the house in the last few weeks. They kept the house in good condition, but it's somewhat outdated. Tonight as we were cleaning things out we kept finding small remnants of their lives. We found old recipes, keys, nice watches, and postcards that make me love the house even more. We also found a box with the blueprint of the house and a detailed sketch from the architect that is really neat. I can't wait to post pictures! I accidently left my camera at the house tonight. Speaking of pictures, this blog may turn into "house posting central" soon because I love before and after pictures.
Thanks for letting me ramble. I must go to bed now because I have some house work to do tomorrow.

P.S. Some other exciting news that we've had in our family is that Cory & I are going to have a nephew in the fall. Laura & Benjamin are expecting and we couldn't be happier for their family. :)


  1. That's awesome--congrats! We've been in the process as well, but we're not quite finished yet. :)

    Can't wait to see before and afters! (We have no skills in that area, so one of our requirements was a house that, for the most part, we only had to paint.)

  2. Thanks, Tiffany. We mostly have to just paint as well, but there are some updates to do and cracks to repair. We're not moving any walls...not yet anyway :)

  3. Yay! Congrats! you follow You would love that blog and they would give you excellent ideas. I have literally spent hours on their blog before!
    Oh...and I was about to go read Laura's blog and noticed the title mentioned an ruined the surprise! ;) I was thinking that was probably what it was anyway!

  4. I do follow that blog and I love it! I'm sorry I ruined the surprise. I waited until she posted it on her blog before I said anything about it on mine...oops!

  5. Houses full of surprises like those are a wonderful catch, so a big congrats for snagging one! I imagine both you and your husband slowly familiarizing yourself with the house, "unwrapping" each of those old boxes of things like kids on Christmas morning! Have you kept all those things you found?



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