Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The End of an Era

Last night for me was an end of an era. No, I didn't go see Harry Potter. I finally finished watching Beverly Hills 90210. I am talking about the old 90210 that came on television from 1990-2000. When I was younger I remember my mom not really wanting me to watch 90210. I didn't know her reasoning but I was in elementary school and I probably wouldn't have understood it anyway. When I got older when she wouldn't have cared if I watched it I wasn't really interested. Fast forward to the summer after Cory & I got married and I got hooked. That summer Cory was doing an internship in Muscle Shoals & Huntsville so we moved back (from Tuscaloosa) to the Shoals to stay with my parents for the summer. Since I was out of school I could sleep late in the morning which would make me not want to bed until later. Cory, on the other hand, was working and needed/wanted to go to bed rather early. At first I would hang out in the living room and then when I got tired I would make my way to the bedroom but would end up waking Cory up and then he didn't sleep well afterwards. This surprised me because Cory can sleep through LOTS of things but for some reason me getting into the bed did the trick. I then decided to go to bed at the same time and just watch tv until I got sleepy but that didn't work either. Cory (at the time) was used to going to sleep in total silence and the noise from the tv was distracting. I guess I should've changed my sleep schedule and got up earlier but I didn't. Instead I came up with the idea to watch Netflix Instantly on my laptop and use my ear buds so as not to wake up Cory. It worked like a charm! I watched a variety of shows and one night decided to try 90210. That night I got hooked. I watched season 1 in no time. Which a season was usually 24-30 episodes that were each at least 45 minutes long. By the time I was finishing season 1, season 2 became available on Netflix Instant watch. After I finished season 2 though, I had get the dvds sent to me. Yep, Cory was a dear and let me get a cheesy television show shipped to me each week. It worked out alright, though, because we get two discs at a time. I watched pretty regularly but had a few periods where I put it on hold. After three years I have finally completed the ten seasons!
It's been a good run. :) It kind of stinks that I watched this way past it's prime because MANY times I've wanted to talk with people about what was going on in Beverly Hills but couldn't because they wouldn't have a clue what I was talking about. I also would relate what was going on with the show with situations in real life with Cory quite a few times. I know he's probably celebrating the show's end. He was a sweetheart and took me to get ice cream for the last episode. I had to make him promise not to make fun of the cheesiness (because we would make fun of dialog throughout the seasons) and if I got emotional before I watched. Unfortunately something was wrong with my disc and it skipped two scenes! YouTube saved the day, though. It is done and I can move on now. I will have to restrain myself from getting sucked into anymore teen dramas that's available online. Sorry that this post was pretty boring and strange. I'm just dealing with my end of an era. :)

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