Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Small Changes

I was looking through my camera tonight and found some pictures of some small changes that have occurred at the King house.  The first small change is that we put a mirror up in our room.  This actually happened in January.  My mom found an old white plastic framed mirror in a pile of junk from a neighbor's yard and thought we could fix it up.  It had some bars attached to it and was a bit dirty but we cleaned it up and spray painted it gold.  It's an older mirror that has some flaws and streaks on the glass, but I love it!  It adds some character.  We hung the mirror in between the doors to the bathroom and closet and above the little blue chest that I painted a while back.  (sorry I didn't have a good "before" shot)
Another change that has been made for months now, is that I finally repainted my first furniture project.  I don't think I've blogged about it before, but the cabinet below was purchased when I was in 11th grade and was pale yellow with some smoke damage.  It had been in a house fire and I remember getting a great deal. Anyway, it was my first furniture project and it has been in need of fix-up for a while.  Here it is before.
 Cory, of course, helped with painting. I stripped the old paint off of the top of the piece and sanded it down so we could stain it.  Now this piece is in our living room.  Eventually I hope to put a television on it but for now it displays some plants and stuff.
Here's a close up of the top of the chest.
And another change is that we finally have some furniture in the living room.  Cory and I bought these two chairs at an antique store a few months ago for a steal.  We will eventually recover them (you can see some fabric swatches on the chair on the right) but for now they are green velvet.  We're still in search for the perfect sofa.  One day we will furnish the entire room (hopefully). 
That's all of the small changes I had on my camera tonight.  I hope everyone is enjoying the start of their summer.  Have a blessed day!

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  1. Your space is coming along...these things take time, it looks like the chairs has "good bones."
    Have a great day!



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