Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pretty Much Perfect

The Perfect Brownie Pan is pretty awesome. If you are unaware of this magical pan then let me fill you in. You pour some brownie batter in this pan and insert a grid before you bake them. The grid not only produces equally cut brownies, but it also gives each brownie a crispy edge and soft center. The pan has a detachable bottom so you can put the pan on a pedestal and then lower the pan's sides so have easy access to all the brownies. AND you can make more than just brownies! You could use it for cakes, rice krispy treats, and cookie bars, the possibilities are endless :) The Perfect Brownie Pan really does make perfect brownies.

See how lovely the brownies look?

Many people are pretty skeptical of "As Seen on Tv" products (and they probably should be). The commercials for these products can be kind of silly and even cheaply made. I can testify that the Perfect Brownie Pan is good. After bragging on this nice "As Seen" product I realized that I can testify for a few more. Note: I didn't purchase all of these products on my own.
The next two items were wedding gifts and they are pretty cool. The one-touch can opener and jar opener. I usually just use my old school can opener because it's quicker, but the jar opener/lid remover really can open things well. The only downside is that it doesn't work on plastic containers and I have trouble opening new apple juice all the time. Good thing I have Cory around to help(after I loosen it, of course).
Next item up is the Ove Glove. While I was still living with my folks, my mom bought one of these. Cory was fascinated with it. He would always want to take things out of the oven for me. My mom gave us one as a small wedding gift and we really enjoy it. You can get a better grip of things in the oven and it's "handy" for Cory when he wants to eat a bowl of hot soup in the living room (and he doesn't want to get a tv tray out or use our coffee table)
This next thing is one of my favorites. It's called the "Chop Wizard" and it chops onions and other vegetables. I hate having onion smelling fingers after chopping them so this saves me from that. It chops food in half the time it would take you do it with a knife. This is better than the slap chop...which I have a version of.

Of course the Snuggie sold me and the Table Mate is the BEST tv tray. It came out years ago. Do you remember the commercial? It can slide underneath the couch so you can have the tray close to you and the top of it can be set at different angles. You can also adjust the height for children to tall adults.
Now you know the "As Seen on TV" products that I endorse. I have some other products that are too ridiculous to even mention. I still have the ShamWow on my wish list. If you've tried it please tell me how it is.
You may also notice the snazzy new computer in the picture above (ok, so maybe like 3 of you noticed). My old laptop finally bit the dust this week. To go along with the title, my "pretty much perfect" (for me) hubby got me a new one and set everything up for me. He even got my itunes transferred and working. Such a swell guy. My old laptop was supposed to be a temporary computer that stayed around for a while. It is too embarrassing to even photograph.
Oh well, I hope everyone has a great weekend. Maybe the bad weather will stay away. AND a Happy Birthday to my bro-in-law, Josh. He turns 30 tomorrow.


  1. ok...I've been eyeing the perfect brownie pan for a while! They have them at Walgreens and I look at them every time I go in. I guess you just sold me on it!
    The Ove Glove. Man...I want/need that!
    And so funny about him using it to hold soup...Brennen and I both want to go watch TV with a hot bowl of soup, but can't bc it's so hot! So this would be perfection.

  2. You must get the pan! Be sure you take the grid out before the brownies cool all the way. If you don't it's pretty hard to get it out.

  3. I love the perfect brownie, too! I'm too weak to work the Vidalia chop wizard though. I can't push it down all the way when there's an onion in it, which kind of defeats the purpose!



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