Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life Lately

Wow, it feels like forever since I've blogged. We have been without the Internet (and cable) for almost a week and really not been "on it" for a month now. Cory & I have been with out because we've been working on the house. Even though I felt slightly disconnected from the world without the Internet (not being able to check email, read friends' blogs, browse facebook, and read the news) I have come to enjoy the time away. We have gotten so much done and have not been glued to our computers. It's been nice...
Here are some some small, random, & fun things that have made me smile in the past few weeks.
First, a little raccoon came in our home's backyard for a visit.
Cory & I were painting the sunroom and when I looked up I saw him just browsing around looking for some grub. I've seen a few raccoons in real life before, but they've always been running quickly and hard to see. This little fella was taking his time.
After a while he scooted up the fence and was gone.
But then he came back two more times that night. (It could have been two different ones but I think it was him)

Another thing that's been putting a smile on my face is my little dog friend neighbor that I have called "Rascal". I have found out his real name, which is Cocoa, but I'm still calling him Rascal. He has greeted me and Cory many times as we've gone to the house to work. He's so sweet and likes to lay in our yard sometimes. He's such a ham. He was looking at the street and every time I tried to take his picture he would turn around, as if to pose. To me it almost looks like he's smiling. He also does this little "scooting on his belly" trick that cracks me up every time.

Yesterday I finally made it out to the real world. I have not been out in public except to go to work, church, Lowes, and Wal-mart for the past month. As I went into Target yesterday I found Otter Pops!
I used to LOVE Otter Pops and even wrote a paper about my love for them before. I think I was more in love with the packaging because each pop had a little cartoon otter on it with a clever name such as "Alexander the Grape" and "Little Orphan Orange". I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff. I didn't purchase them because I was semi-afraid that they wouldn't live up to my fond memory of them and also I was in a hurry and the line was long. Maybe another day...

Oh, and by the way, as of Saturday Cory & I have officially moved into our house!!! We still have lots of work to do on the house and still have things boxed up but we're in and couldn't be happier! I seriously love waking up in our new room and coming home from work to it each day.
I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather. I promise I'll be posting some interior pictures soon. Also, if you're in the area feel free to stop by. :)

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