Friday, May 27, 2011

School's Out for Summer!

Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby and got slightly disturbed when I saw workers putting out pumpkins and pilgrims. I know Hobby Lobby gets a head start on the seasons (and I totally appreciate that) but it’s May! It made me feel like they are trying to skip summer. My summer officially starts tomorrow. If you teach or have children you know that the end of summer is drawing near when loose leaf paper and pencils start filling up Wal-mart’s front aisle. When that time approaches it is very bittersweet. It’s always nice & exciting to start a new school year but it is so so sad to see the summer end. This feeling came to me when I saw those pilgrims looking at me. Sure, I was put slightly at ease at the nice smell of pumpkin spice candles but seeing the fall d├ęcor made me want to scream, “Let me enjoy the summer!” I then hurried out of the fall section to the clearance aisle and saw something else kind of disappointing: a painted rock. It was seriously a pet rock. It wasn’t even painted that nicely. I really wish I would have taken a picture of it although I’m sure it will still be there for the rest of the summer. There were quite a few in stock. In my opinion, if you want a rock to resemble the ones I saw, then go outside and get a stone and have a child paint it. It will save you $5….wow, I didn’t mean to rave and rant on the Hob’s. I love that store so I will stop my complaining.

Anyway, the reason I would love to have a long summer this year is to 1. Continue to work on the house and 2. Work on/in my new classroom! Yes, that’s right I got a new job. I’m sorry if I have not mentioned it to you but I am not even sure who knew my little situation. My current job at the junior high had to be closed because of funding. This is something I knew going into it though. Well, come April I knew for sure that the high school’s Family & Consumer Science teacher was retiring and that her job would be available. I interviewed for the position and waited for what seemed like forever to find out that I got the job! So, a big thanks for those of you who knew about my situation and prayed for me.

I hope everyone is doing well and hope you have a great summer!!!

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  1. Congrats on your job!!! I'm excited to begin summer also!!



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