Friday, September 2, 2011

The Living Room

 Today I’m posting our living room pictures.  I’ve been meaning to post other rooms but haven’t gotten around to it.  Now, let me warn you, our living room does not have any furniture yet.  We use our sunroom as our lounge area so we have a place to hang out.  We aren’t in a huge hurry to fill the room up with furniture because we want to find pieces that will last for a while and not a “cheap fix”.  I have an idea of what I would like to put in it and where it would go, but I’ll have to wait for a bit.  The only thing we have in our living room is wall art which is funny to me because that’s usually the last thing you add to a room.
The living room is located at the front of the house and the front door opens right into the room.

Our living room started out ALL light brown.  Like I’ve mentioned before every surface was brown: the blinds, the window edges, the baseboards, molding, and mantel.  Again, the ceiling was a shade lighter but still in the brown family.  It was very drabby to say the least.  Here are some before pictures. This picture was taken from the front door.  If you look closely you can see where there once where pictures were hung.

 The door in this picture leads into the hall.

 The doorway in the next picture leads to the dining room.  You can also see the drabbiness of the wall color compared to the white door.
The night we bought the house we took the dingy curtains down and started patching up the cracks in the walls.  There were quite a few but don't worry, our foundation was fine.  

 Did you see the brown painted window and blinds?  Crazy!  I guess the benefit of everything being so monochromatic and bland was that any color with a contrasting trim paint would look better no matter what.  We painted it Olympic Blue Silk.
And took up the carpet.
Here's our non-furnished living room now!

We kept the cornice on the window (but not on the french doors) and Cory painted the wooden blinds.  I'm so glad we could salvage the old ones.

We usually keep the doors to the dining room open but we have one more tweak to do in there until it's finished so I didn't want to show it yet. :)
The only picture that is hanging in the room is our house's architectural drawing that we found in a box.     Cory & I were really excited to find this, along with the blueprints for the house.  It's amazing to see the hand drawn details.  We really wanted to preserve it and my parents were so kind and had it framed for us as a house warming gift.  

Sorry about the flash spot.  I still don't really know how to operate my camera.  Here's the layout before the addition to the house.

Here's some (sort of) side by side pictures for the comparison.  I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!

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