Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Tid-bits

Well, I haven't posted in a while because I have been pretty busy.  I will post more house pictures soon. Right now I'm procrastinating.  I decided I would revisit a facebook note that I did a few years ago.  It was one of those "tag 20 people with 20 random facts" kind of things.  I'm going to post 20 new random things about myself.  I'll warn you that this is pretty lame so if you want to leave now, I'll understand.  
1. Many times when I'm texting somebody I type semi-"ghetto" and have to erase and rewrite messages before I send  them. (ex: "Fo' show, girl! That would be dope.") sometimes this happens when I'm on facebook too.
2. I now like the bubble gum pop music that I hated in high school
 3. I ruin my apologies with excuses.
4.I use to be friends with a guy who I believe thought he was in a movie by the way he talked.  He was real big on the dramatic repeating a line (ex: I just don’t know…….(wait for a bit)  I just don’t..know. (and then stare off into the distance)
 5.I watch corny television shows and get embarrassed when the dialog is cheesy.  I guess that’s because Cory can hear it and I think he’s judging me…which he should be doing.
6.Once someone told me that I could do a self-test to check if I had the West Nile virus by holding my head back (where I would be looking up to the ceiling).  I would do many of these self-tests at different moments where others could probably see me and think I was crazy (like in my car at a traffic light). I later found out that this person had fooled me.  Sometimes I still check, though.
 7.  I eat chocolate every day, even if it's just a chocolate chip.
8.Two things you can always find in my purse: lotion & gum.
 9. As much as I love little puppies I don’t want to own one.  It’s too hard to see them go and I really don’t want the responsibility…
10.I put CD's in my car and playlists on my ipod on random shuffle all the time.  I like the surprise part of it. .Although, many times I will skip a lot of songs to get to one I want to hear.
11.I have clothes from high school and still wear them sometimes…lame!
12. I can’t stand the Journey song, "Don’t Stop Believing".  I know people think I'm crazy for that.
13 Growing up I had a bad reoccurring dream about a character from the game "Guess Who"...It was Tom and it was scary.
14. II'm not really digging  this getting older thing. I feel like I should still be in college still but I could have gone trough a 4 year college two times now!  
15.Sometimes I feel sorry for Cory on road trips because I sing just about every song I hear on the radio.  It's a lot like this clip from Heartbreak Kid.

16.   I like to narrate animals and babies.
17 I stay up entirely too late on most nights.
 18.On trips I put earplugs and eyeshades in my pillowcase in case of a sleep emergency (someone snoring)
  19.I pick out random Independent films and they’re never good.  Cory still lets me pick them out, though. :)
20. I’m really ready for Christmas time!

I guess I need to get back to work.  If you read to here, then I hope you enjoy your weekend.  

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  1. 20 of the reasons why you're one of my coolest friends. I love you! :)



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