Sunday, October 2, 2011

Little Changes

Today I'm posting some little changes we've made around the house.  The first picture, though was one I found on my camera that gives a better view of the color of brown that our living room once was.  This is a picture of the back of our front door before we painted it white.  Now, imagine that color ALL over the walls and ceiling.  Very depressing.
Another little change is that we got a new duvet cover!  It's just plain white.  Very simple, I know, but I've always loved clean, white beds.  With it being white I can change out the throw pillow for different looks.  And, I got the duvet cover for 50% off, so I can't complain. :) 

 The next little change that Cory took care of was to take up a ramp that went to our kitchen door.  The little old lady that lived here before us had this ramp installed when her health started to decline.  We kept it around for a while for moving in furniture and house renovating purposes but quickly were ready to kick it to the curb.  Here it is before:
 And after:
Another thing we changed was some shrubbery in our front yard.  I will be the first one to admit that our house's exterior needs to be repainted and that our landscaping isn't quite up to par.  Cory & I have been focusing on getting the inside completed and also have been waiting on some cooler weather to tackle those projects.  We have made a small start, though.  Here's a picture of our house with some shrubs in front of our porch.
 We wanted to open up the front porch some so we took out two shrubs.
When we did that we exposed some squirrel damage.  Apparently our house tastes delicious because squirrels are constantly chewing on it.  It is REALLY frustrating and I have never wanted to harm a living creature until this has started happening.  It is a little freaky when squirrels attack your house and will not run away when you try to scare them off....I'm getting angry just thinking about it.  Anyway, we touched up some paint on the places they chewed and then planted some new Hawthorne shrubs in the old shrubs place.
 And the last little change is only "little" by last name and size.  It's a big change and a VERY happy one (and this change was not made by us).  It's our new little nephew, Henry Randall Little.  He was born on September 14th and he is a doll.  I'm so happy that I get to call him my nephew and I can't wait to see him again.
I hope everyone has a happy week!

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