Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Cheer

I've been waiting for this Christmas for a while.  Not necessarily Christmas 2011, but a Christmas where I was a homeowner.  It was even more fun decorating this year since last year we didn't decorate because we were moving.  I didn't go all out and deck every hall or anything but I did enjoy putting up some of our decorations.  Here's our tree in our still furniture-less living room.
I made a new tree topper this year.
 I put the Nativity scene on the mantle this year but I have the perfect place for it whenever we find the piece of furniture I have in mind...maybe next year?

 Our house from outside.
 You can't really tell that we have bows on our wreaths, but we do.  They're just light green.
 I put some faux apples on a fir wreath that I ordered for a school fundraiser.  Since the wreath is real it is a little harder to work with and my apples keep drooping.
I have a few more small items around the house in other rooms but didn't take any photos.

Random story:
The other day while I was buying the green apples for the wreath I thought I was going to see a real life flash mob (if you don't know what that is then check an example out here, here, or here).  I was waiting in line behind a little old lady who was checking out and chatting with the cashier (who was another little old lady). While the cashier was waiting for the old lady to count out her change she began to sing "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and looked up at me and smiled.  Then before I knew it the little old lady stopped counting her change and started singing as well and smiled at me.  I started looking around waiting for someone else to chime in but they didn't.  I just got serenaded by two older women.  I contemplated joining in but then I realized that they were trying to out sing each other.  It was kind of like watching Divas Live (remember that show?)  The song ended and nobody else witnessed it but me.  They looked at me for approval and I said, "Good job.  You sound really good together."  I think I let them down by not singing.  To make up for it I walked the little old lady out to her car.  The end.

My goal is to one day participate in a flash mob.  I've been talking it up to some of my students.  ;)

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  1. I'll join in the flash mob! I have the same goal of participating in one. Does two people randomly dancing together count? If so, we are in business!



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