Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hall Bathroom

I'm way behind on posting this because we've been finished with this bathroom since my birthday (in October).  Just like the other posts from our house, there are tons of pictures.
This is one of my favorite room transformations that we've done because this room was pretty rough to begin with.  I know I say this in all my house posts, but I'm not really good at taking pictures of rooms and my camera washes things out a bit.  Here's a picture of the color of the bathroom when we bought the house.

These pictures are taken from the hallway.

 Just like our kitchen, the bottom half of the walls were stamped plaster.  Because it was just a painted plaster wall the bath tub looked pretty bad.
And since an older lady lived here there were large handrails.
 There was some nice wallpaper border around the room.

 The floor tiles were rather loose and had yellowed with age.

 Again, every little thing was painted peach.
 Even the trim around the window.

 And it was rather dark in the bathroom at night.  Especially right when you walked in.  Here a shot of the doorway to the hall.
 Here's the only source of light.

 We started out by painting the ceiling and the upper half of the wall.  Then we took out the toilet and sink and things looked pretty bad.
 I wanted to keep the old sink but it needed some cleaning up.  We got a resurfacing paint for the sink which cleaned it up well.  This is the before.
Here it is after.
 After painting, installing three light fixtures, an exhaust fan, new floor tiles, and beadboard here she is:
 The upper half of the wall looks white but is actually a very light gray.  I chose Artic Cotton for the upper half and Slate Pebble for the bottom.  It wasn't really rocket science on how I picked them either.  I just picked out the top and bottom colors of this paint sample card.
Here's a shot of one of the lights Cory installed.  It really brightens up the room and to me, makes it seems larger.
 Here's a light Cory put in above the shower.
 And the exhaust fan.  Cory is so good. :)
 Here's a shot of the vanity and toilet.  We changed light fixtures.

 Here's the medicine cabinet where you can see the difference of the colors.  The back of the door is still the drabby peach color that once filled the bathroom.
 The linen closet is now all white.
 The bath tub is now patched up and painted with marine paint (paint for boats) so that the water will repel off  of  the walls and protect the plaster.  Eventually we may tile around the tub but this was a cheap fix for now.  Cory worked so hard by spackling all of the cracks and the grooves from the stamped plaster.  He also did a great job at painting multiple coats of marine paint around the tub.
 New shower head.
 No more old lady handrails.
 New toilet paper holder.
 I guess I got influenced by the previous owners decorating style and decided to paint the window the same color as the beadboard.  This may eventually be painted white, but I 'm trying it out for a while.  Does it look too dull this way?

 This next picture show the floor that Cory installed.  My mother-in-law, Jeanne, was so sweet to give us some ceramic tiles she had bought a few years ago and didn't need.  All we had to purchase was the backer board and the grout for the floors.  Thanks Jeanne!
 Here's an un-ironed shower curtain.  It has small gray fleur de lis embroidered on it.
 I made another Roman shade with some mini-blinds.  I couldn't get a good shot of the colors but it's cream, gray, and light blue.
Here's a side-by -side before and after picture.

We still need some artwork and such for the bathroom but it's functional now and not an eyesore anymore. Cory is the true talent here.  He amazes me daily at what he can do. I know his dad would have been so proud of the hard work he has done. I'm so grateful to have him and have truly enjoyed every minute of owning this house with him.  It's been so much fun working on the house and making it our own. I'm very blessed.
Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a merry Christmas!!! God bless you.. :)

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  1. I can't believe you two did that all by yourselves! So talented and handy!



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