Friday, May 7, 2010

Easy Table Topper

This is not a big craft project but it's something I do quite often because it's cheap and easy. If you read my post about shower curtains you know that it's hard for me to find a tablecloth to fit my table. To remedy the need for a tablecloth (or should we say, my desire to change things up) I make table toppers out of a yard of fabric. I like to do this for the changing seasons and holidays. If you look in my kitchen you will see a pile of table toppers in all colors except yellow. I decided I needed to add a yellow one to my collection. Especially since spring is upon us. :)
I found this yellow toile fabric for half off at Hancock's this past weekend. I also found some nice turquoise trim to go along with it. I usually like to put a trim around my toppers. My favorite trim is rick-rack.
Anyway, I don't really have directions for this project I just wanted to give you the idea for those of you who want to add some color to your kitchen on the cheap.

The blue trim ended up matching my blue Ball jars so I had to use them as a centerpiece....Ahh, why do I love old mason jars so much?
Oh yeah, look who showed up on my porch on Sunday afternoon. I'm pretending it's my green little friend who was hanging around my plants in September. I realize it's probably just another lizard, but it's nice to think that he's the same one.
Oh well, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day. I will have a GREAT weekend because Cory is graduating from law school! Whoo hoo! I'm so proud of him and his hard work. I'm also really excited to have our parents come and visit with us. I will have some pictures of him in his fancy cap and gown next week.

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