Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Anniversary

Cory & I celebrated our 3 year anniversary yesterday. When we got married I thought it would be fun to stick to the "traditional" anniversary gifts. The first year was paper, the second was cotton, and this year was leather. Last year Cory & I said we should save up for a leather sofa for this year's anniversary, but that didn't happen.
My first thoughts were to get Cory a belt or a new wallet but he's got plenty of belts and the wallet I gave him a few years ago is still in good condition. So then I thought about getting Cory some leather flip flops/sandals but then I couldn't find any that were his size or any that he would like. Then I thought about getting him a leather desk organizer thing for when he starts working this fall but struck out again because I couldn't find one (it seems like I always see those things though). Next, I thought about a leather daily planner(he had one a few years ago and really liked it) but the ones I found were really girly looking. I was out of ideas so I bought him a video game that he wanted and went on.
Well the other day when I was browsing around Hobby Lobby, I came across this little item.

Yes, that is a leather wolf coin bag! It was a craft project for kids that wasn't expensive and fit in the leather category so I had to get it to go along with the game. Cory loves wolf items (not in a for real way, but in a joking manner...if you know him, you understand).
When Cory got his gift he was excited about the wolf bag. He actually started putting it together before he broke out the video game. We had a good time laughing at him wearing it on his belt loop...we're so weird!
Oh yeah, I was also really excited to give Cory the perfect card. We're pretty predictable in the cards we choose for each other. I usually always get Cory a funny card and then write a sweet message inside and he usually gets me a card with an adorable animal on it (smart guy). This year though, I picked up a "mushy" card because I liked the colors and as I started reading it, the message sounded exactly like what I would say. It wasn't your typical "mushy" card with a cheesy poem that you just skim over but it had meaning and was still a bit silly....I can't explain it that well, but when Cory started reading it he turned it over to the back and said, "Did you have this card made?". haha. He thought I had gone online and had a card specially made for him. I'm telling you, this card was on the mark! The first thing I wrote on it was, "This card explains exactly how I feel". Sorry, but I was really impressed with this card.
I'm basically just posting this because I think the wolf coin bag is so goofy. As I was straightening things up this morning I kept seeing it and giggling to myself. Maybe it will make you smile a little too.


  1. Happy anniversary! I always get Jason the traditional gift, and he gets me the contemporary. It's fun! I don't think I found anything quite as cool as the wolf coin bag for our third, though. :)

  2. Yeah, Cory couldn't find any leather object this year. I'm glad to hear that someone else sticks to the traditional.



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