Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cake Dessert Balls

Here's my strawberry-ish dessert I said I would post. This recipe is really easy and very tasty. There are different versions of this recipe too. I'll post them at the bottom.

Here's what you need:
Cake mix (and ingredients to make cake), 1 tub of icing, almond bark

First make the cake according to package directions. You can put it in any type of pan but I usually use a 9x13 pan.

After your cake has baked allow it to cool a bit. Then crumble the cake into a large bowl.
Now pour the full container of icing into the bowl.
And mix the cake and icing until well combined.
Now you will need to shape the mixture into small balls and place them on a baking sheet. I like to line my sheet with some wax paper. Stick the balls into the refrigerator for a while to cool. This will help keep the mixture together for the next step.
Melt the almond bark according to package directions.
Now dip the balls into the almond bark. I like to use a fork for this process.

After you have dipped all of the balls allow the coating to harden. Don't put these in the fridge or it will cause them to sweat. They can be stored at room temp.
I added a little color to make them look "Valentine-y".
I also dipped some Oreos in some chocolate and added some pink to them as well.
Then I boxed the dipped treats up and gave them to my grandparents for Valentine's Day and also sent some to Cory's work.
Like I said you can try this recipe in different ways: (basically any cake and icing combo works)
  • Chocolate cake mix & any chocolate frosting or coconut pecan frosting
  • Red velvet cake mix & cream cheese frosting (I like to make these at Christmas)
  • Butter recipe cake & coconut pecan frosting
  • Lemon or orange cake & vanilla frosting
I hope everyone has a happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. YUM! I'm going to have to try these!! I've done oreo w/ sour cream dipped in white chocolate and love those so I'm sure this will be delicious.



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