Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Strawberries on the Knees

So I'm posting this picture from Halloween a few years ago because I couldn't find any other picture of me with my knees in them except for beach pictures and I didn't feel like posting that on here. I'm sure if I looked longer I could find some more but don't really feel like it...
Anyway, I haven't blogged in a while so I thought I would tonight. I don't have any crafts to post or recipes to share right now so this will have to do.
Today we had monitors coming to our school to look around and I wanted to look extra nice/professional so I wore some my nicest pair of pants that I rarely wear because I have to wear taller shoes with. I picked out a favorite "teacher" shirt and headed out the door with my apple juice in hand. Do you know those days when you feel you look nice or important? Well, wearing this outfit made me feel pretty cool. As I walked down the steps of our apartment I felt like I was playing a part in a play, like a business woman. I noticed Mustang man (an older guy who smokes in the morning) propped on his car (as usual) and he looked up at me probably thinking that I was an important business lady and so I had to walk with a purpose and look cool all the way to my car. I made it all the way to the side view mirror when I found myself falling to the ground landing on both knees and my apple juice flying in the air. It happened so quickly that I'm not sure what caused me to fall. I don't think I tripped over anything. Well, off course I pop up quickly and check my pants, which are black on both knees, and pick up my empty apple juice cup and run back into the apartment...very non-businesslike. I run to the bedroom and that's when it hits me that my legs are throbbing. As I grab some new pants I see that both my knees have the skin scrapped on them. I put my new pants on and head out the door again, this time walking with a limp and my head held down. That is what I get for thinking I was "all that". I'm clearly not and got humbled very quickly this morning. I wish I could see a recording of how it all went down this morning because I'm sure it was hilarious.
Another thing that has happened lately that is slightly embarrassing and semi relates to the above picture is mistakingly buying a maternity dress. Right after Christmas, my friend Ruth Ann and I went on our traditional "shop for sales after the holidays" trip. I found the cutest dress at Target on the sale rack and when I tried it on I fell in love. Not only was it a nice color but it fit so well. It was actually a little past my knee length (which is hard to find now a-days) and was not clingy at all, which was surprising because it was a jersey knit. I bought it with no regrets or reservations...and apparently no knowledge. As I got dressed for church the next morning and ripped the tag off I noticed that it read "maternity". As soon as I saw the word I could tell there was a place for a pregnant belly to go. I asked Cory and my mom if it looked like I was suppose to be expecting and they both said I didn't so I kept it on. That day during lunch at my grandmother's house I let them in on my little mistake. I've worn the dress two other times since then because I haven't moved all my dresses to the apartment yet and also because it really is comfortable. I have also seen my sweet grandmother each time I've worn it and Sunday she made the comment that she thought I was going to make an announcement soon. I guess with wearing maternity dresses and gaining some weight because I have a huge sweet tooth has led my grandmother to think I'm expecting. I totally am NOT. I'm also totally not going to wear that dress for a while.
Oh well, I will stop for now. Sorry for the rambling. I will post a strawberry-ish dessert soon, though.


  1. How many months is your tummy on the photos of yours? cause you tummy is so big.

  2. It's actually a balloon under my shirt. I was dressed up like Juno for Halloween. :)



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