Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blue Chest

Since Cory and I have moved into our new apartment, I have found the need (or should I say want?) for some more furniture for our bedroom. In our old apartment I stored my jewelry in a small cabinet in our "office" which was where I would get ready in the morning because had a full length mirror there, 2. it was close to the bathroom, and 3. Cory was usually sleeping because his classes started later than 8:00. In our new place we now have the luxury of having a full length mirror in our bedroom, a bathroom attached to our room, and Cory gets up when I do to go to work. Therefore, I need a place to keep my jewelry in our bedroom.
Last Saturday Cory and I found this little dresser-ish thing at a local antique store.

It was labeled as an entertainment center, but it looks very similar to the bottom half of the china cabinet that I painted last year.
The first thing I did (or Cory did) was tear out the wooden spindles.

Then I took off all of the hardware. I already had some new pulls for the drawers that I had bought for the china cabinet but didn't work out. I was really excited to get to use them.
Next I sanded the whole thing and primed it.
The new pulls were a little wider than the old ones so we had to fill in the holes with wood filler and then sand that down.
After it was primed, I applied Valspar Aqua Mist paint to the chest. I was excited to use Valspar paint at first because it supposedly had a primer mixed in it. I thought since I had already primed the piece with primer that I would only have to paint one coat on the whole thing. Boy, was I wrong. I had to paint 3 coats on it and 4 in some places. I surely won't use that kind of paint again. I will stick to Glidden from now on.
After I painted it a few times I decided to distress it. I wanted to go for an antique/country cottage vibe. (also I took a poll--thanks, Josh & Heidi) . I distressed it by gently sanding the edges of the chest.
Then Cory put some chicken wire on the backs of the door for me. I really like the look of the doors with the wire, but I didn't want all of our junk to be exposed so I made some linen curtains to put behind the wire.

Ta-da! I know this look isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's right up my alley. I would love to put this in a (large) bathroom one day and take the curtains off and have this as a towel/toilet paper/other bathroom items holder.
But for now, it serves it's purpose wonderfully. It holds my earrings box in one drawer and my necklace box in the other drawer. On top I have my little bird jewelry holder that my sweet grandparents gave me for Christmas. Sadly, it doesn't hold all of them, but it sure is cute. It also holds Cory's "jewelry holder" aka men's vallet that the same grandparents gifted this year.
The pictures kind of make the cabinet look white. The actual color looks more like this:
Here's a before and after shot side by side. Thanks for stopping by. I hope everyone is doing well. :)


  1. Great job (as always). The blue mason jars look wonderful on top.

  2. Nice work. I really love the addition of the chicken wire!



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