Friday, January 14, 2011

Change of Post

I was going to post a recipe tonight but instead I'm going to post a prayer request (I seem to do that a lot on here---but it sure helps) In the past two weeks I have heard of so many families going through tough times and it truly breaks my heart. The year has just begun and I have heard of many deaths, sicknesses, and misfortunes. One bit of bad news that I just learned about yesterday was a dear friend of mine's dad has been diagnosed with leukemia. He is actually a close family friend and such a sweet, sweet man. He would honestly do anything for anyone and has treated me like one of his own daughters many times growing up. He is also a very strong man and I'm confident he will overcome this obstacle with the support of his family & friends and the healing power of God. Please pray for Jackie and his family as he goes through this process. Thanks.

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  1. Thank you Karen. Dad thinks the world of you! But you're right, he's going to get through this just fine. We appreciate your prayers. They are what will help get us through the next several months.



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