Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Bookends

As most of you know I have quite an obsession with white ceramic items. I have been in love with faux animal busts for a while now. Last year Z Gallerie started carrying deer, moose,horse, ram, and rhino busts and I have wanted one so bad. They have a small version that's about $50 and a large one that is $250. Both of which are out of my price range for some decor for our apartment. Maybe when I live in a house that I'll be in for a while I can venture out and buy one but for now I only gaze at them online.
Look how cute they are. No animals were harmed in making them either. :)

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Well, today I was browsing a local antique store to price some things that I found last weekend when two little gems caught my eyes. They were brass gazelle bookends. They were on a rather dark shelf off to the side that I'm sure I've passed many times on my trips there but today they said, "hello, look at us and take us home." So I quickly picked them up and purchased them for the small price of $10. Now, you may think ten bucks is a lot for some bookends but I've been looking for some and the ones I've liked have been at least $10 a piece!

Since I love painting things white, I stopped by Lowes to grab some white, high gloss spray paint.

I first cleaned each piece and laid out some paper on the porch. Then I sprayed away.
Now I have a "fix" for my craving of a faux animal bust. I'm really excited to have these little guys. I'll probably move them into the "office" eventually but for now they greet you when you come into the apartment.

I just love what a little spray paint can do! :)
I hope all is well and wonderful with you today.

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  1. cute! You're so crafty. Want a project? I have a bow holder that I got Addie's name I have 2 girls and I kinda hate that I have Addie's name on it and not "Addie and Claire" or just a simple "Bows" or something. Could you fix it?
    Oh...I asked Brennen about Lowes...hahaha! Yes...he said he couldn't figure out how he knew you, but I showed him your picture and he was all, "Yeah...I know her!"



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