Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Lamp's New Life

If you're my friend on Facebook then you've seen this before and after picture. I just thought I would post this simple project to possibly inspire you to give an item in your home "new life"...or at least a new look!
I got this little lamp from my parents when I moved to Tuscaloosa. It was one that they had in the garage, ready to give to the Salvation Army. My move to Tuscaloosa happened very quickly and 5 months before I got married so the lamp was going to be a temporary source of light. It really didn't matter that the shade had some glue stains or that the lamp itself was brass (not my favorite look) because it was free and I knew I would upgrade as soon as Cory & I tied the knot and got some nice gift cards. When we got new lamps to go beside the bed I couldn't just throw the old lamp away. I know this probably sounds silly, but it was my first lamp to really own and was a reminder of the blessings of a job and great support from my parents. You see, I lived with my parents (excluding one year in a dorm 10 min. from home) until I graduated college in Dec. 2006. That same December Cory got accepted to law school at Bama (2.5 hours away from home) and I quickly began searching for a job there since we were getting married the following June. In January, God opened the door for me at a middle school in Tuscaloosa. It was a very quick process. Basically I drove down to Tuscaloosa on a Wednesday and by that afternoon they told me it would be good to start looking for a place to live. I was excited to find a job but scared to death to move away and live ALL BY MYSELF! Dad so sweetly took off of work the next day to go with me to find an apartment. On Friday mom took off of work to help me move stuff down. I didn't have that much to move down since the only furniture I owned was a blue leather chair that Cory and I bought a month earlier. My parents so graciously gave me an old couch of theirs, a side table, an old computer desk, a queen sized air mattress (yes, I slept on it for 3 weeks) and the little lamp. :) I get a little teary-eyed thinking about how blessed I am for great parents. They showed me so much love and support during my move to Tuscaloosa and more importantly to adulthood.
Wow, sorry for the long story...back to where I was going. I couldn't throw the lamp away so I just put it on a shelf in our office...Ok, fast forward almost 2 years and I still didn't want to throw the lamp away, but I did want to dress it up. So I grabbed a can of silver spray paint and a new shade and got a nice looking lamp. It has upgraded from being in the office (where nobody but Cory goes) to the kitchen where everyone can see it.
Here's a before and after pic.

Just make sure you take the bulb out before spraying and tape over the part where the bulb goes so paint doesn't get in it.
Here's a chandelier that has been redone. It's from one of my favorite websites www.younghouselove.com . They spray painted the chandelier and went with more modern looking bulbs. They did a whole room transformation which explains the wallpaper changing to blue.

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