Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Stick it to the Fridge, Stick it to the Fridge"

*The title today is inspired by a G. Love & the Special Sauce song. I realize not many people may know it, but I couldn't shake the song as I was typing this today.

This weekend I went to visit some friends in North Alabama and to stay with my folks for a day. I had a GREAT time seeing everyone on Friday night and a wonderful time seeing my parents and grandparents on Saturday. I am truly blessed to have such great friends and family.
While I was staying at my parents’ house I started looking through some old junk in my closet. I found some drawings and notes from high school that cracked me up. Here are some food drawings of mine.
Each food had a name.

I was such a weirdo….well, I guess I still am! I really like pictures of food, especially food with faces. Not only do I like drawings of food, but I like fake food too! Here is some miniature food from my old dollhouse.
I really don’t know where this love of fake food/food drawings came from. When I was four years old I used to go to my grandmother’s house everyday and play for hours with some Fisher price play food. I guess that’s why I love to cook so much. Who knows? But I still get a little excited when I pass by the toy section in Target and see the little play kitchen pots & pans and the little plastic fried chicken legs that go with it.
Anyway, today’s craft isn’t really a tutorial but more of an idea if you need some magnets for your fridge. About a month or two ago I realized I needed some more magnets to hang some pictures on our refrigerator. I looked around at some stores and couldn’t find any that I really liked so I decided to make some on my own. I picked up some bake able polymers clay and some magnet squares from Hobby Lobby.
I, of course, decided to make the magnets food items. They’re not the best things in the world, but I think they’re alright. At least they provide the service that I needed. Now I have lots of pretty pictures of my pals hanging on the fridge.
Cory made some of the items too.

Of course, you don’t have to make food items. There are a lot of things you could use besides clay to make your own magnets, like little wooden shapes from a craft store, Scrabble letters (If you don’t mind making the sacrifice), and even bottle caps. Two of our friends lived in New Zealand for a year and made these magnets with some native bottle caps for souvenirs. Pretty neat, huh?

If you're a weirdo fake food lover like me, then check out this lady's Etsy store. She sells patterns to make your own felt fake food. ---Very cute and creative items!
PS. Get excited...Fall starts tomorrow!

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