Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fruity Transformation

First of all, let me explain my love of white ceramic objects. I think they look so clean and lovely.

Here are some of my favorite white ceramic pieces in my home.

This rhino is on my wish list right now. It's at Z Gallerie, along with some other cute ceramic items. You should check them out .

Now I have been pining over this little guy since I first saw him in the spring. I don't really have a place to put him though right now because my living room is covered in bird figurines and a rhino might seem a little out of place...I realize a rhino may seem a little out of place anywhere in a home. Anyway, I really needed a white ceramic item to indulge my craving so I decided to paint a ceramic piece that I already had.

I got this lemon figure at my grandfather's antique store about 5 years ago. Every time I would go to visit the store it just stood out for some reason. It's a little funky but I really liked it. I know it looks like a blast from the 60's or 70's but I dig that vintage look ;)

Although I liked the look, I thought it might look pretty charming as a white piece. So today while Cory & I were at Hobby Lobby I picked up some white lacquer.

And I sprayed away. (Cory did too)

Tada! The picture doesn't do it as much justice. It's very glossy and the result I was going for.

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