Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've lost my mind

So, I totally think the paint fumes are getting to me. I guess I dreamed I posted this blog before but noticed that I had not tonight. Two weeks ago my family welcomed a new member. My sister, Angie, got married! Guys, for real I thought I wrote this blog before and I also thought it was a rather good post...I wish there was a recorder for your dreams. I also hope that whatever fumes are making me hallucinate won't have long term effects.
Anyway, on June 10th(a day after our anniversary) Angie married Brendan at a family friend's house on the lake. They were actually married on their deck while the sun was setting behind them. It was beautiful! Brendan & Angie chose to get married in front of very close family. It was just my parents, me, Cory, my grandparents, and Brendan's parents & brother. It was very intimate and really nice. I'm really glad they let me be a part of their big day. I'm very happy for them and their new life together. Now, I just need to figure out how to get them to move a little closer so I can see them more often :)

I present to you "The Gunn's" (cool last name, huh?)

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  1. I saw some pics on FB! She was a beautiful bride! I'm sure it was a great intimate ceremony!



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