Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sort of a room

Today I'm posting another picture from our house. I guess I'm a tease because it's not even a room but a closet. Our closet to be exact. I know that a closet is not that exciting but I'm really happy with what we've done with it. Also, it's the first room to be completely done. We do have rooms that are livable and to people may look completely finished but there are still some tweaks and such. Anyway, if you wish to humor me with this closet thing, here it is.
The closet in our bedroom is along the same wall as our bathroom.

It also has a pocket door like the bathroom. Again, my camera whitens things out quite a bit because this picture was taken when things were green. I promise. This is one side of the closet before we did anything to it.
The center of the closet. The metal thing on the wall was a tie rack that folded out.
Here's the left side of the closet before we moved in.
As you could see there were two racks for hanging clothes which may be enough for somebody but for Cory and I it was not enough. I like to hang the majority of our clothes because 1. the clothes don't get wrinkled as bad, 2. I can see the clothes better and they are more easily accessible when hanging and 3. I don't like folding too much.
Cory & I were also coming from living in two apartments that had pretty good closet space. Especially the last one we lived in (thank you Brink apartments). Our closet was huge!
The closet's first order of business was taking the shelves and rods down. My mother-in-law, Jeanne, and I struggled with a few shelves but eventually got them all down. After that, Cory spackled the holes left in the wall and then we sanded them down and primed the walls. Then we painted the closet Glidden's Misty Moonstone (just like our bathroom)
Next we installed four hanging rods. Two on each side.

By doing that we double the amount of clothes that could be hung up. When people have come over and seen the top rack they ask me if I can reach that high. I actually can reach the rack (on tip-toe) but don't really need to on a regular basis because the top rack holds my fall/winter clothing. I will switch it out when the seasons change. If any of you were interested in that. Cory on the other hand dresses from both racks but he can reach the top one with no problems.
After we hung the rods we actually moved in the house soon after so we moved our clothes into the closet and had plastic stackable shelves in the middle.
Recently we purchased much nicer shelves to go in the center of the closet which Cory quickly installed. Here they are:
And here's what they look like now. I didn't take a picture of our small plastic shelves, but it was pretty sloppy and crowded.
Oh yeah, and if you'll overlook the junk (ie: purses & suitcases) Cory installed some shelves above our clothes racks. He actually did this before we installed the center shelves but I never took a picture of that.
Here's the shelf over his clothes.
I know it's just a closet but it feels so good to have one space in the house completely done. I feel like we utilized the space fairly well which makes me glad. Unfortunately, I have to put my coats and jackets in another closet but we have the extra closets for now. :)
Thanks for stopping by and reading about our closet. I hope you have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend. :)

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