Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween Decor

I know that it's been here for a few weeks now, but I'm so happy that fall is here! I love fall for many reasons: 1. the cooler weather, 2. mine, my husband, parents, sister, sister-in-law, aunts, and a few cousins' birthdays are then (which means yummy grandmother-cooked meals), 3. DECORATIONS! There is Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorating to be done in the fall (winter doesn't begin until mid Dec. and my Christmas decorations are up way before then).
This year I was especially excited to get my fall decorations down because last year I bought a few things on clearance. I never decorated for Halloween in "spooky" decor because I don't really like scary looking things. I really only like that holiday for the cute costumes and the candy. I always just decorated with pumpkins, leaves, and other fall things. Anyway, last year I was shopping and found this silly little skull and bones in a plastic dome. I thought it was classy in some way and it was half off, so I bought it. That triggered me to maybe try some semi-spooky decorating for the next year. I thought I would try and do a black and white theme so I kept my eyes peeled for things that would fit in that category. To my luck, I found a cute little skeleton, a black Halloween candy dish (with a bird on top, which is my favorite!), and some white fake pumpkins...ALL on sale. I put everything in a box and put it in the closet and patiently waited for October to get here. It was like Christmas opening all the new items. I had forgotten about some of the things I had bought. By the way, I got a lot of flack for buying a skull in a dome. Cory thinks it is stupid...and I guess it really is :)

Here are the white pumpkins I got last year. I had them out for a bit and decided to paint them.

Here they are now. They're not so beautiful, I know, but at least they're not so plain anymore. My paisley print one didn't turn as well as I had hoped.

Here's the little skeleton friend just hanging around.

And you can see the lovely skull in the dome on the right. It's ok to laugh!

I actually made this decoration last year. You can't really tell what it is from the picture but it's just some branches from the back yard with bats hanging on them. The bats are actually cookie cutters spray painted black and hung with orange ribbon. It's a boring story but I inherited quite a few bat and ghost cookie cutters a few years ago...I have plenty more. Oh and with the cookie cutters I also got some giant sparkly spiders. There's one "crawling" on the planter.

On our staircase sits the pumpkins and the little tree I rigged up.

And here is the little bird candy dish. It says "Happy Halloween" but you can't really tell from the picture. I got the black candles this year for 70 cents.

I have a few little dollar store leaves sitting around with candy. Yes, you see that correctly. Mini PEZ candy. I was stoked when I found it at Target!
This cute little ghost was my favorite Halloween decoration at our house growing up. Last year mom was cleaning out some things she found it and so kindly gave it to me.

And here is my cheapo fabric from Hobby Lobby table cloth. I haven't hemmed the edges yet, but you get the effect. The little pumpkins in the dish are fakes, as are the leaves underneath. These have been around since I was in middle school. I remember saving up some money to buy them. How lame. I used them to decorate at my parents' house. I guess I have always loved decorating.

And that's all folks! Sorry for the long post. If you read to this point, I hope you have a fantastic week. :)


  1. Cute decor! I love the ghost and I think your white pumpkins look great. It is funny to see those skeletons right beside your wedding picture :)

  2. I agree with Laura, I love those white pumpkins. The paisley is awesome. I also love the skull in the glass dome. I'm a sucker for anything in a dome.



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