Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

So it was my freshman year of college and there was a huge fraternity Halloween party on Friday night which happened to actually be the day after Halloween. My best bud, Ruth Ann came home from Auburn early on Friday afternoon so we could hunt for some half-off costumes since it was the day after. We went to a few stores and didn't have any luck. We finally decided to go to Wal-Mart even though we knew that it would probably already be scavenged through pretty well. To our luck, we found a Twinkie costume. Now, how cute would've been if we had two Twinkie costumes and been twins aka "twinkies"?! Well, we didn't find another Twinkie but we did find this get up:

Yes, that's a cookie with the words, "Got Milk" screenprinted on. It also had a "bite" out of the side and came with a white lipstick thing to draw a mustache on your face. It was in the kids section and it was cheap. Ruth Ann and I were so pumped to be getting these great costumes for such a low price and that we were going to be sweet treats.

It was a rather chilly night so I put my cookie costum over a black turtle neck and some black stretch pants. Ruth Ann came to pick me up and drive to our friend's house to meet up with our girlfriends before the party. We thought we were so cool driving over there. Then we got there and our friends looked HOTT. They always look great, but they knew where they were going and looked really good in their witch and angel costumes. Oh well, we were going to a huge party and we were going to have fun. . . We felt pretty lame when we turned up at the party to find every girl there looking like the girl on the front of the costume package (a knock-out). It was like from the movie Mean Girls, where Lindsay Lohan dresses like a zombie bride and everyone else is a Playboy bunny. Anyway, we just laughed it off and decided to dance. The night ended and I knew nobody would remember the Cookie/Twinkie costume and that we probably really didn't stand out as much as we thought we did. WRONG! A few years later I met a guy from the fraternity that the party was at. We got to talking about when I had been to that house and I mentioned that Halloween party and guess what, he remembered the costume! He said, "Oh, you were the cookie....and wasn't there a Twinkie?"...yeah....and his pal chimed in too. They were nice enough to say that they thought we were probably humerous girls for wearing that. Yeah, that is in the book of funny things that Ruth Ann & Karen have done.

It may not have amused you as much as it has for me tonight, but I hope you grinned a little.

Here were our costumes the next year. We never learned!

Just kidding! We were just being silly one day. Anyway, have a happy Halloween!

**The cookie picture was taken after I met the guy who saw us and another person in the class wanted to see the costume...I wish I had a picture of Ruth Ann. She made a lovely Twinkie)

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  1. That's so funny b/c I've been in the same situation! Me and my friend Chenequa dressed as an old couple (found our outfits at the salvation army) to the point where some people didn't recognize us... we show up at the Sigma Chi house and every other girl there is a French Maid or a Playboy Bunny! I remember Chenequa telling me, while we were dancing that she's never felt so unattractive. Ha! But we did get some laughs out of our get-ups. I always tend to go with the funny costume, rather than the cute/sexy costume.



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