Friday, October 30, 2009

Homemade Halloween

Cory & I just got back from our Sunday school Halloween party. We had a really good time and saw some pretty cool costumes. I wish I had taken pictures of everybody. There was a cowboy & Indian, Cleopatra and Anthony, old grandparents with walkers (very cute), a couple of "blind" refs, Velma & Shaggy, a Slim Jim, Alice & the Madhatter, some great 80's costumes, some Flintstone characters and a very cute little baby puppy costume. My favorite costumes though were Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus. They were great!
Cory and I tried to take a picture of our costumes with our self timer so they're not too focused. Can you guess our costumes?

Yep! American Gothic. We actually won "Creative Costume"! Booyah!
Although I really wanted to be Jon & Kate (b/c I found a funny Kate G wig) we decided to be the American Gothic painting, complete with frame. Since we love crafting and saving money we chose to make some of our get up.
I had a picture of all the supplies before but can't seem to find it now.
Our costume break down:
-I got a long sleeve black shirt from Target for $8 and made a white collar to sew on it with some scrap fabric that I had (which I'll count as free because I've had it for so long) :)
-I got the brown fabric and ric-rack (trim on apron) for about $5.
-The cameo broach was found on EBay for $2 with shipping a total of $5 and some change. I was excited to have an excuse to get a cameo pin since I have a love of cameo jewelry, remember?
-I already had a black skirt to wear
-Cory borrowed some overalls (thanks, Shaw) free
-Cory's parents loaned us some round framed glasses (thanks to y'all too) free
-Cory's black suit jacket was in the Shoals so he had to get one at a thrift store here. It actually was a great deal. He found this Ralph Lauren black suit with the tags still on, unhemmed pants for $20. It was his size and everything!
-The frame is made from some crown molding from Home Depot. It was about $10. The gold spray paint was about $2. Cory did a great job cutting the molding and constructing the frame. We had to make our own frame because we couldn't find one big enough for us that was a reasonable price. Plus Cory has some ideas for the frame materials.
- The pitchfork was made from a dowel from Hobby Lobby that was $1 and we used and old wire hanger and aluminum foil for the spikes. It kinda turned out looking like a trident, but it worked.
-We had great plans to make a backdrop for our frame, but we've been pretty busy around here. You just have to imagine the lemons not in the picture.

So the total $ spent on our costumes ended up being about $51. That may seem like alot, but if you go to a costume store you can barely find one costume that is less than that price. Plus we had fun constructing everything. AND Cory got a sweet suit out of it!

I hope everyone has a great and safe Halloween. :)


  1. Wonderfully creative and original. Great ideas! We may have to copy you someday on this one.

    Doesn't Tuscaloosa have the best thrift stores? The stuff I've bought there and then worn down here has brought more comments from people and more folks disappointed to know they can't find it in FL.

  2. Yes, there are some great thrift stores here. And feel free to copy the costumes. It was really simple and comfortable :)



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