Sunday, October 25, 2009

Look what I found!

First of all, let me say how much I appreciate the Internet. If you know me well, you know that I remember things from FOREVER ago and usually it's pretty random stuff. Cory, on the other hand, doesn't remember much at all and has a hard time believing I really remember the things that I do. The Internet has helped many times prove I'm not making up crazy toys, tv shows,and movies from the past. Usually all I do is type the word or thing I'm looking for on a google search and pages will pop up of discussion boards of people as strange as me discussing the item. Well, a few years ago a story that was read to me in elementary school popped up in my head and I wanted to find it. I talked about it with some people who I grew up with and they somewhat remembered the story but didn't remember the title of the book it was found in. I then tried to find it by "googling" but didn't have any luck. Fast forward to Oct. 2009 and I'm again discussing this story with a friend that I didn't grow up with and she knew exactly what I was talking about. I decided I would try to search for it online again and this time I had great results. I not only found out the title of the book, but found the book for $1 on EBay! I was super excited and ordered it right away.
Does anyone else remember the short story of the "The Green Ribbon?"

It was a "ghost story" (not really scary) that our librarian would read to us in 1st grade. It was about a girl who wore a green ribbon around her neck all the time. People would ask about the ribbon and she just said "don't ask" and then finally at the end of the story she was really sick and finally told her husband to take the ribbon off her neck and then her head fell off! Like I said, it's not scary and it's kinda gross, but it There's even a picture of her head on the floor. Man, I'm laughing as I'm typing this...what a silly tale!
Here's the book it is found in.

It has some other "scary" stories in it that I'm sure creeped me out as a child. Why "The Green Ribbon" didn't scare me to death, I don't know, but it did give me a good laugh.

Things that did scare me as a child:
- The Care Bear movie with the kids at a camp and this little evil boy who could turn into a fox. Now that kid totally freaked me out. He had red eyes and a frightening voice. My best friend and I tried to watch it last year and it still gave me some chills.
-Large Marge from PeeWee's big adventure.
-this little hand puppet I had with fangs. I would play with it for a while and then get scared and throw it in my closet and run away.
-This book on record of Gremlins. Angie and I would listen to it and mid-way get scared. I remember throwing that book in the closet too!
-lots of more things...I was pretty a pretty timid kid.

Here' s the creepy kid from the Care Bear movie.
Sorry for the lack of crafting post.I've been too busy for crafts :( I plan to have some Halloween treats soon, though. Have a dandy day. :)


  1. I remember that story. What a morbid story to be read in 1st grade! It freaked me out. But I'm glad you found it!! I think the not-remembering-things must be genetic, because I have a horrible memory, too.. Have a good day! :)

  2. I remember that story too... and yes, very weird for them to read that to us in 1st grade! I remember really weird things from my past too. And Large Marge was and still is very scary!!

  3. Wow! that same thing just happened to me, except i remembered it as a red ribbon but when i searched red ribbon kids scary story the cover came up, I was shocked, the thing i remember the most is her head on the ground and the husbands face in shock O-O Hahaha i stumbled upon this page ^^



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