Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Husband!

Today is my man’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Cory. If you read this, consider yourself lucky, because it will probably be taken down via Cory after he wakes up and sees his lovely picture from his last year’s b-day. Haha. Nah, he’ll probably let me keep it up.

Throughout the years Cory & I have been together I’ve enjoyed making him birthday cakes that were one of a kind. They don’t always turn out “picture perfect” but he always enjoys them. Here are some of the strange cakes I’ve made him through the years…(the first year we were together, it was just a plain strawberry cake, nothing special)

If you know Cory, you know of his love of the cartoon Aqua Teen Hunger Force. If you have never heard of this show, don’t think you’re out of the loop. It’s a crazy show that comes on really late. This cake is of a character from the show. 10 points if you can guess his name.

The next year, his 24th b-day, I made him a cake with Peter Griffin from Family Guy fighting a chicken. It was during the years that Family Guy only came on once a week and Cory saw an episode with a random chicken trying to fight Peter and he thought it was hilarious. He would talk about it quite a bit so I found a picture of it on the Internet and made a cake with it.

For Cory’s 25th birthday I made him a Nacho Libre cake. We had seen the movie in the summer and loved a line from the movie where “Nacho” (Jack Black) said something was “Realllly Goood in a funny Spanish accent. We would use that phrase a lot so I thought it only appropriate to have Cory’s cake say “Have a REALLY GOOD birthday.”

For Cory’s 26th I was a bad wife and didn’t make him a cake. It was the first year we were married and he was in his 1st year of law school (didn’t get to see him much) and I was a danceline sponsor (took up tons of time) so I took Cory to Ruby Tuesday to get a Chocolate Tall Cake. He didn’t complain but I knew I’d have to bring it the next year….The next year I made him another Aqua Teen Hunger Force cake with another character who likes to say “friggin” a lot. I’ll admit, this cake isn’t too pretty.

This brings us to this year. I thought he’d like a Futurama cake like I made my sister’s boyfriend this summer.

But when I asked him what kind of cake he wanted he said he’d just like a cake that I make called “Is it really better than sex cake?” I like that the title is a question so you can make the decision if it is better or not. Anyway, it’s a Paula Deen recipe and so you can imagine that’s its yummy and gooey and it’s simple to make. I didn’t object to making it, but I did want to make it fun for Cory.

So how do you make “Is it really better than sex cake” fun? You make it pirate themed! Cory has been on a pirate kick. He likes the pirate items in the store and says he wants a pirate party. (not a birthday party, he just has plans for pirate theme fun). A while back I found some really cute pirate cake toppers at Hobby Lobby. Went there today and they were GONE! I had to settle with the pirate chest candle and I found this hook that you can cover you hand with. As long as the cake tastes ok, then I’m happy.

These cakes were made from using pictures from the Internet. Maybe one day I’ll have children who will like “normal” characters that they sell cake pans made especially for them.

Again, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man who makes me smile.


  1. Matt now wants a Carl cookie cake for his next birthday. Probably one of Carl wearing the wig with the long locks and playing air guitar for the prostitute. Wiggity wah! Looks like we and Cory have similar taste. Love your creativity! Happy Birthday Cory!!!!

  2. Haha, that episode is one of Cory's favorites! He's does the air guitar thing all the time.

  3. Master Shake and Carl! Carl is Mike's favorite... he's pretty good at making Carl's "friggin" voice too.



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