Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall Decorations

Well the skeletons are back in the closet :) and the pumpkins have come out for display! Sunday night I got out the OG (original gangsta) fall decorations. If you read my Halloween Decor post, then you know that normally I have the same fall decorations up from October till November because I used to not decorate with "spooky" things. Since I did this year, it has given me another chance to decorate and change things up for November. It's sad that I get so excited to do these things.... Anyway, if you'd like to see my fall decorations keep on scrolling. Nothing too crafty, just excited to have them out.

This is on top of my microwave. The little basket usually holds lemons and the candle flavor is usually lemon sage. If you come in my home in the fall you will more than likely be knocked down with autumn scents. I LOVE fall scented candles. (pumpkin spice, cinnamon-y smells, etc)
How awful am I not to iron the brown velvet table cloth? I just got it out from last year and didn't feel like ironing.
Cory makes fun of this plate, but I think it's grand. I got it at an antique store last summer. It's made my the same company my Christmas china is from. The picture doesn't do it justice. I'll give you, turkeys aren't so pretty, but something about the detailed drawing and the pale blue, yellow, and pink get me.
The candle could be a craft project. I got it as a gift a while back but it would be easy to make. It's just a flower pot decoupaged with leaves and the top rim with bird seed. And of course, some candle wax and a wick were added on the inside.
Some pumpkins I've had for a long time. Yes, that's my niece, Kate behind the small pumpkin.
My favorite for some reason. It's that mercury glass stuff. It looks so pretty to me.

This is another thing mom gave to me when she cleaned out some things last year. (she gave me the ghost candle holder too) It's just a simple tin with some leaves on it, but I've always liked it. It holds some yummy Reese cups right now. :)
The pumpkins from my kitchen table during October made a move to my coffee table along with some pine cones.

I guess I'm like an old lady because I feel you should always have some sort of candy to offer guests. Cory digs in on these Wint-o-Greens quite a bit.
Again, I LOVE fall scented candles....and soap too!
The little pumpkin and pumpkin photo was given to me by my brother-in-law & sister-in-law. She actually took the picture at a pumpkin patch and then created a birthday card with it for me this year. Very crafty!
This is the only slightly "crafty" thing from me on this post. Last year I dug out some grapevine wreaths from our wedding and put some leaves on it for decoration. This is actually on the inside of our house.
Last year I went a little crazy and hung them on our staircase. I realize it was a bit too much and kinda tacky, so I refrained myself this year. :) People would come in and look at them and be like, "Oh, that's....nice." I could tell that they were just being kind.
If you got to this point, thanks for stopping by :) I hope you have a great week.

P.S. Did anyone score any after Halloween deals? I couldn't find anything at the stores around here. They were cleared out by Monday!

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  1. Looks great! I love the shoutout to Kate :) I will be in town Tuesday night, so I'll be in touch to see if yall are available for dinner!



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