Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Christmas Card

Growing up my family never sent out Christmas cards with pictures on them. Maybe my parents didn’t have the time or maybe I wasn’t a cute enough kid, but I always secretly wanted to send a picture card like my cousins and neighbors always did. As I got older (in high school) I started sending my own Christmas cards. Since I wasn’t a cute enough kid, I thought I surely wasn’t a cute enough grown person to put my face on a card. Actually, I knew nobody would want a picture of just me. I made a decision to send picture Christmas cards when I had children or maybe even a dog…Something worth looking at. J

The first year Cory and I were married the thought crossed my mind to send a card with our photo on it but I decided against it. Cory is not too keen on getting his picture taken unless he’s doing something destructive (one year he had a picture of him burning a Christmas tree…how sad) and I, again, didn’t think anyone would want our picture. We did, however, sent out cards that year. While visiting someone’s house that we sent a card to I noticed their Christmas card display. They had received lots of cards and they were hanging for all to see. Cory & I were admiring the cards with the person talking about a few that stood out. I looked for our card and it was nowhere to be found. The person was talking about the cards and said that those weren’t all they had received but that the cards without the pictures aren’t worth anything and they had thrown them away. I don’t think that person realized that our card was one of those that was in the trash but it really hurt my feelings. I felt it was worth something. I had tried to search for the prettiest cards on the shelf (visiting many stores), I used my neatest handwriting, I wrote little messages personalizing each card, I bought stamps, and spent my afternoon addressing 30+ cards. I was determined not to get my card trashed the next year.

Cory was a good sport and agreed to be on the Christmas card. If you know us well, you know that we don’t take ourselves too seriously and that I’m the queen of cheesy jokes/humor. I decided we would make a silly card featuring the “hot toy” item of the year: Rock Band. Here is the picture that was on our card last year. It had a caption beside it saying “We hope your Christmas ROCKS”. (and yes, Cory is signing "I love you" instead of rock fingers)

Yes, it’s cheesy, but it had a picture on it and that’s apparently what qualified for not getting trashed. I actually I had the chance to visit the same person that Christmas and found my card on display….along with other NON picture cards. Instead of being bitter about it I was happy everyone’s cards they sent were given justice.

Now on to this year: I was talking with some friends about a month ago and they were asking what the Christmas card was going to look like this year. What?! Do another picture card? Apparently they liked the card and wanted us to send them another one with a cheesy picture on it. I thought about it and came up with an idea that would result in me getting the best “As Seen on TV” product: a SNUGGIE!

Now, last year when I first saw a Snuggie commercial I laughed and thought it was the stupidest thing ever. Why not just use a blanket? Then it got colder. I sit on the couch quite a bit to use my laptop, or to read a magazine, or even eat. On that couch I am usually covered with a blanket. As it got colder it became harder to stay warm and do the activities I wanted. I realized I was looking like the “before Snuggie” people on the commercial. It became a goal of mine to get a Snuggie, but for $15 my husband would not support my decision. I came up with a pitch that I needed it for a Christmas card and that I would say something about “comfort and joy” or “warm and cozy”…he thought it was stupid (and it really is) Although I wanted one, I still laughed at their cheesiness. Then one day as I was strolling along the mall I found one for $8! I got two of them and somehow convinced Cory into letting us take our Christmas photo in them. I guess could’ve just kept the Snuggie and came up with a better picture idea but Snuggies are pretty ridiculous and I thought people might get a kick out of us owning them….who knows what I was thinking?! Anyway, I hope people don’t think we’re too weird for sending them out. We were just being silly and I love how cute Cory looks because he’s laughing…at how ridiculous the whole situation is. What a trooper!

Here’s wishing you the WARMEST wishes this Christmas!

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