Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Silly me...

Back by popular demand: another paint masterpiece from me. Just kidding, but I have gotten a lot of positive feedback on my ice cream mountain that I posted a while back…or I guess I should say people have mentioned it.

This picture is based on a true instance that happened today. It’s a picture of me standing embarrassed because I got too excited about some dogs. For those of you who know me well, you know I love cute animals (ex puppies, kittens, woodland creatures like raccoons, foxes, etc). I search them on the Internet, I buy cards that feature them, and I have many books with their cute pictures. Basically, they make me smile. So the Friday before Thanksgiving, on my way to school, I saw 5 deer standing & eating on the edge of our school lot. I had never seen that many live deer all together and naturally got excited. As I pulled up in the parking lot two male co-workers were getting out of their cars and I jumped out (thinking that they saw the wonderful deer family too) and said, “Did you see the deer?! They were eating and having a good time!” And so on and so on…I even did a little hand motions. They didn’t seem that excited or impressed so I felt stupid and walked on to my room. Ok, fast-forward to today and I make a bigger fool of myself. Yesterday while driving home I saw two cute little dogs running down the street being buddies (it was actually the same place where I had seen the deer). They were running at the same pace and looked very similar. It was very cute. I was on the phone with Cory when I saw them and immediately stopped my car and exclaimed how cute the creatures were and told Cory I would take a picture of them so he could see how sweet it was. Well, they separated when I tried to take a picture so I just went on home. Today as I was walking out the door from school I see the two dog buddies! Again, they were just running along at the same pace and having a good time. I thought I was all alone in the parking lot and said out loud, “Oh, hey doggies. Let me take your picture.” I began to quickly search my purse for my camera and even said out loud again, “Hold on, don’t leave.” Then I hear, “Hey.” I quickly looked up to find one of the men who thought I was stupid for getting excited about the deer sitting in his truck directly in front of me, with his door cracked open. Embarrassing! I tried to play it off and be cool and then he said, “You like those dogs? I’ve seen them around here a time or two.” At this point, I drop my camera back in my bag, my face is red and I say, “Yeah, I said ‘hey doggies’ when I saw them because I wanted them to come here.” Then I said, “hey doggies” again to show that I was calling them over to me. Then one of the dogs came close to me so I reached down to pet it and it growled and kind of snapped at me. Talk about embarrassing! So this man saw me talking to dogs, then hears me explaining what I was saying to the dogs (in case he didn’t hear???), and then sees one dog almost bite me. I just walked away and said, “See ya later”.

I immediately called Cory mortified and all he did was laugh. So, maybe this can make you laugh as well….or at least make you feel a whole lot cooler than me. :)

Tomorrow there will be a Christmas craft.


  1. your stories crack me up... it's as though i'm sitting here listening to you tell them! in your painting, are you carrying a basket of eggs? :)

  2. It's not a basket but a purse. haha, my purse has little colored teardrops on it...It does looks like eggs though!



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