Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Curtain Call

Shower curtains are pretty powerful things. Just by hanging a pretty one in your bathroom you instantly add the main decoration. It can create a theme and can also help add color when you can't paint the walls. I have enjoyed going to Target since I could drive and always have liked going down the shower curtain aisle. Strange, I know, but I love how they have them out on display for you to see their beauty.

I'm here today to tell you other uses for shower curtains. One being a table cloth. Of course, you have to cut the top off where the holes are and hem it. Our kitchen tabletop was custom made (by my handy father-in-law) and it's hard to find a tablecloth that will fit its dimensions. I have found that a shower curtain fits wonderfully. See?

I have also used shower curtains as table toppers. At our wedding reception we actually used a lacey shower curtain on our bride's cake table. We hung little crystals around the edges to dress it up. It was a borrowed curtain, by the way. You can't really see the cloth that well in this picture but it's the only one I had here in our apartment. I know I have a better picture of it at my parents' house.
We also used shower curtains to make table toppers for some of the tables our guests ate at. We used a blue and brown color scheme with bird decorations here and there. We didn't have enough robin's egg blue table toppers to go around, so I got a few shower curtains that I liked at target that had our colors and birds on them to make toppers. Just one curtain made four toppers. I used the left overs for different projects and mom gave some to friends. Of course, I've kept one as a topper for my own table. Here's what it looks like. I'm being lazy and didn't iron it. It's been folded up with my other tablecloths for a while.

Another use for a shower curtain is a wall decoration. I saw this picture in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine and loved this room.

I found a shower curtain on on eBay that looked like the picture's wall decoration and decided to take the curtain and nail it to a large wooden frame. Cory had some scrap wood left over from our table and he constructed the frame for me. He also helped me staple the shower curtain to it.
Of course you can always just use a shower curtain for its intended purpose...

Here's some curtains I'm digging right now. This one is from Target. I love paisley print.
This one is at Anthropologie.
I don't remember where this one is from. I found it a while back and saved the picture because it looked like a craft project to do. It's a curtain made out of ribbons. How lovely.
If you know anymore uses for shower curtains, please share. :)

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