Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sweater Stealer

Yes, I am somewhat of a sweater stealer. Don't worry, I didn't actually steal a sweater, I just stole the idea. I'm justifying my actions because 1. I've seen this kind of sweater at different places and 2. I'm not selling the sweater for profit.
The other day I was shopping for some "teacher clothes" at Ann Taylor Loft. I found this adorable sweater with a little flowery corsage thing on it. Here's what it looks like.

The sweater was actually on sale (it still was kinda pricey, though) but they didn't have my size. I didn't really want to order one because with shipping & handling it would go over my budget. Also I wasn't crazy about the color of sweater that were available. I just really liked the style.
I decided I could make my own and for a whole lot cheaper. Earlier I had gone to Target and saw cardigans on sale for $13. On my way home I stopped there and picked up a cream cardigan, although the picture makes it look white. I also stopped by Hobby Lobby to get some cream cotton fabric and some cream chiffon. I only bought 1/8 yard of each fabric so it only cost $1.24. I already had some thread and a needle so I'm not factoring that into the cost. :)
First I cut out little flower/clover looking shapes. They're not perfect, but they really don't have to be for this.
Then I stacked two cotton flowers and two chiffon flowers on top of each other and stitched them together.
Next, I placed them on my sweater. I pinned each one down where I wanted them and then I stitched them to the sweater.
Here's my finished product.
Here's a closer look before I cut all the loose threads off.
Here we have the thread snipped and I ruffled the flowers a bit.
This took me the length of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. (maybe 45 minutes? I fast forwarded the commercials....and yes, I watched the show by choice. It's pretty good. Blossom and Molly Ringwald are on it)

I'm thinking about changing the buttons on the sweater to dress it up a bit, but until then I'm pleased with the outcome.

I hope everyone is staying warm and a big ROLL TIDE to you Bama fans!

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  1. I am really impressed! This turned out really well.



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