Sunday, January 3, 2010

Home Again, Home Again Jiggety-Jig

Cory doesn't like it when I say that phrase. I actually just found out that it's a Mother Goose nursery rhyme. Who knew?
Anyway, Cory and I made it back to Tuscaloosa last night (we've been in Muscle Shoals since the 22nd) We had a wonderful Christmas break and enjoyed seeing our precious families and great friends. I missed out on seeing some people that I wanted to, but I'll be back soon to help my best bud move into her new abode and maybe I can catch up with them then. :)
Since I've last blogged we've rang in a new year. 2010 is going to be an exciting and interesting year. Cory and my bro-in-law will both be graduating from law school (along with our law school buddies). I can't believe it's been three years! I'm praying for them to get a job and to survive these next few months. I've also made some "resolutions" or goals for this year. I won't list them on here because if I don't succeed with them then not only am I disappointing myself, but if I'm asked about how one of them is going and I have to say "not well" then I'll be embarrassed. Silly, I know. They're not crazy resolutions and if you ask me, I would tell you them. I reflected on my goals from last year and I'm only giving myself 3.5 out of 5 stars for completing them. And yes, the missing 1.5 stars are added to this years' goals.
Here's hoping for a great 2010!

On a random note, during this break I thought of some things that need to be invented. Some are weird, so I'll warn you now.

1. a sarcasm font. Wouldn't it be so nice to type something sarcastically and people know to take it? I used to get people confused or upset on AOL(ages ago) because they couldn't tell I was joking...I realize this needs no more explanation. I think I may have an idea on what the font should look like....

2. A function on a camera to make pale people look tan. During Christmas and lots of picture taking (not too much by me because I always forget) I turned out looking like a ghost. Like, I would be the only one in the picture who was radiating a white glow. Maybe it was just the flash of the camera, but there needs to be something done...or maybe I should just get a tan. This brings up another needed invention:

3. A freckle remover. I know there are products out there that will handle this, trust me I've done research, but those products actually cause your skin to become very sensitive and more acceptable to getting freckles when you go back in the sun. Growing up my parents always said my freckles would fade. WRONG, they have multiplied. People who don't have them say, "they're cute" but I think they're just being's not cute having so many when you're 26.

4. Warning: this one is kind of gross. Something to cure bodily gas (burps & toots). You would think someone would have come up with something by now, don't you? During this break it seemed that everywhere I would go someone was dealing with a "gassy" problem. Maybe it was all the rich food....I don't know. I'll admit, I have gas at times too, but I try to refrain myself when with a roomful of people. When someone "lets one" you don't want to be rude and make a face or gag, and you surely don't want to say, "who farted" because then people think you did. You just have to sit and kinda blush because people are probably thinking it's you anyway. Wow, I could go on, but it's getting too gross. I apologize.

To change the subject and end on a non-gross note, here's a picture of something that makes me happy. Cory and I have some friends who are getting married this summer and they are using a blue and red color scheme. They wanted to use some blue Ball jars that were made a long time ago. I have one from my great-grandmother that I'm going to let them borrow and I found some half off at an antique store back home. I grabbed a few for them and now I'm a little hesitant to give them to them. They're just so lovely. You know how I love glass jars. :)


  1. Number 1 makes me laugh....hard! I can't wait for you to come home again! Also on the freckle note, Mary Ann had as many freckles as Ben growing up and doesn't have them anymore so there is still hope :) Love you and hope you have a good week back!

  2. Number 4 had me hysterical!! Everywhere you went people were having gas issues?! That's too funny! But doesn't Beano cure gas? Maybe you should give Beano to all of your friends and family for Christmas next year.

    Number 2 can be fixed with Photoshop Elements. I just bought the program for Christmas and am beginning to figure it all out and you can remove skin imperfections, as well as create a tan. So you could use Photoshop to remove your freckles from a picture... but I don't have an answer for permanent freckle removers.

  3. Beano before food, Simethicone after. If Simethicone works for babies, why not adults? :D Happy new year, KK.

  4. I would definitely download a sarcasm font if you invent it. And my freckles did fade...except for about five, which I treasure. I wish I still had the rest!

  5. I say the Jiggety Jig thing too! Didn't know where it came from, my parents just said it all my life. Glad I'm not the only one!



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