Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Puppies anyone?

So do you remember the two "dog friends" that I talked to about a month ago? Turns out they were more than just friends. The day we got out of school for Christmas break (the 22nd) the lady dog had 6 puppies! The last time I blogged about these dogs, one of them had snapped at me. I never mentioned that we patched things up and that the little dogs would greet me after school in the parking lot each day. They turned out to be pretty friendly. Anyway, the puppies! I was so excited to hear that they had arrived...and right before Christmas. Then, boom, it hit me that the puppies may not survive over the break. See, the school where I work is way out in the middle of nowhere. People seem to drop dogs off at the school hoping to have someone take them or at least feed them. The dogs usually get to hang around for about a week or so and then we have to call the animal control people. We have many dogs come and go, but these two, let's name them Lola and Pedro, were so friendly and adorable that they were never called in. The kids would feed them at break and the cafeteria workers would give them food scraps too. I guess that's why the Lola decided to have her puppies underneath a tool shed near the back door of the lunchroom. Since it was Christmas break nobody would be at school to feed them and I thought for sure they wouldn't make it.
Well, today as I came in to school my custodian asked if I would like some puppies. He had saved them! He said he wasn't going to fool with them and then on the 24th he started feeling bad and decided to get the dogs some dog food. Then he said he went back the next day to put a tarp up by the shed they were under because it was going to rain and he didn't want it to flood where they were. Then later that night he realized it was going to be cold so he went and got the crew to take back to his barn. He said the mother watched him as he scooped up each pup (one little one didn't make it). He put them in a box and set them in his car. Then he opened the door for her to get in the car and she jumped up in it and nestled herself up next to the box. Pedro was nowhere to be found though. My custodian, Mr. D, took the family minus one to his barn and even made an insulated little dog house for them. He said he went to look for Pedro a time or two but he wasn't around. Then one night Pedro came scratching on Mr. D's door. He had found his way to his family!....ok, not really, but the story would be better if he had found them. ...Mr. D did say he saw him running around the shed one day, but he couldn't get him. I feel so bad because Pedro was probably out getting food for his family and then when he came back they were gone. Then he went on a quest to find them. See? the other ending was better...sad.
I'm so glad that Mr. D took care of the dog family. He is such a sweet man. He's the guy who got me the Titanic stuff earlier this year. He has managed to give two puppies to his granddaughters but he still has three puppies left. If anyone is interested, please let me know. I can bring them to you when they're ready. They just opened their eyes yesterday (aww). They won't be too big because the mom and dad are a little lower than knee high. They look like they have Jack Russel in them or some kind of terrier. Lola had her tail docked off (which I thought was done to her) but one of the puppies has the same tail! They are all females and are black and white. One is solid black with a little white on her nose and one is white with a little black circle around her eye (like Little Rascals). Mr. D said that Lola hasn't barked at all and sits when he asks her to....He just doesn't want 4 dogs, and understandably so. I really wish I could take one, but we can't really have a dog in the apartment and it would add some financial burdens on us, since we're a one income family right now. I told Mr. D I would try to find a home for them. One person has offered to pay to get Lola fixed for Mr. D since Mr. D is figuring he'll keep her. I just can't find anyone to get a puppy. Maybe with the kids coming back on Thursday we can find some people.

Wow, you must be wondering if I ever stop talking. Sorry for the length. Again, if you would like a puppy, I know where to find one! :)

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